June 23, 2024
Hunting Supplies

For years, hunting has been a popular activity that has come back into the limelight, thanks to celebrities like Eva Longoria, Chris Pratt, and Mark Zuckerberg.

Are you going on your first ever hunting expedition? Whether you’re hunting for sustenance or sheer thrill, you will need a set of supplies for a successful experience. On the other hand, inadequate preparation might trap you in unfortunate situations.

Before you go out on a hunt, make sure you are equipped with these must-have supplies:

1. Weapon

It goes without saying that hunting won’t be possible without a weapon. This is why it’s necessary to procure a good-quality weapon. Whether you’re carrying a gun or a compound bow, make sure it’s ready for a couple of weeks prior to the hunt. Also, stock up on ammunition or arrows.

2. Tactical Clothing and Footwear

Tactical gear allows you to sneak closer to prey without alerting them. With camouflaged clothing, you can blend in with your surroundings and take a precise shot. Always go for durable and comfortable tactical clothing that offers a complete range of motion.

Animals have a heightened sense of scent and even the slightest unfamiliar whiff can startle them. Scent-free boots are specifically designed for this.

3. Backpack

When it comes to backpacks, you should definitely invest in a high-quality one. You don’t want to deal with a broken zipper or strap, as it will come in handy for storing various supplies. Get a backpack that’s light, comes with sturdy straps and good padding for back and shoulder areas. We would never know what’s on the wild, try a bulletproof backpack, not only sturdy but can protect you from unforeseen harm.

4. Water Bottle

You cannot forget to take a water bottle with you. Hunting is a physical sport, and you will definitely get thirsty. In addition to a quality bottle, carry a compact water filter or iodine tablets so you can purify water if you need to.

5. Pocketknife

A pocket knife is a compact, lightweight tool that can perform multiple functions. From cutting branches to skinning animals, a sharp pocketknife is essential. A sturdy pocket knife can also be used for defense.

6. Decoys

For a successful hunt, decoys are a must. Whether you are hunting deer or turkeys, a decoy will help you move closer to the animal for a better shot.

7. Scent Killer

As mentioned earlier, animals are blessed with an incredible sense of smell. This is why it’s important to wash your clothing and other fabrics with a scent-killing detergent. It will eliminate any odor that might scare off the prey.

8. Calls

In addition to decoys, calls will help you get closer to targets. For swift takedowns, make sure you practice your call to perfection.

9. Binoculars

Binoculars allow you to remain at the top of your game. You can spot your prey from far away and proceed discreetly.

10. Trail Camera

Trail cameras come in handy for keeping a constant track of targeted species. With the help of patterns picked up by trail cameras, you can plan and organize hunts. Select a durable trail camera that offers extended unmanned use.

11. Survival Kit

While recreation might be your prime focus for a hunting trip, Murphy’s Law is still very much applicable. Carry a survival kit with first aid kit, cereal bars, matches, ibuprofen, Tylenol, and a compass.

12. GPS

Even for those with a good sense of direction, it can be difficult to navigate through a dense green cover. Prevent things from going south and get yourself a GPS. You can easily find a durable GPS at a reasonable price.

Though this is not an exhaustive checklist for hunting supplies, we hope it gives you an idea about the key things you need. Depending on the kind of hunt, we would highly recommend you to thoroughly plan before heading out.