July 23, 2024
outdoor survival

outdoor survivalWhen talking about survival, a lot of people think it’s only about the struggles and tactics of surviving. Yes, I do agree with that, but survival to me only means, never to give up. So in this brief 10 potential outdoor survival facts, I will be narrowing down some few information that has helped me, and I believe it can also help you and others out there who might encounter the same situation.


  1. Finding food: the human body can survive longer periods than days, weeks by the body fat reserves. But at this point, the person might actually give up of other kinds causes that could lead to death:
  • Poisoning
  • Exposure
  • Injuries
  • And illness

Most individuals who have died during fighting for survival did not die of hunger.

  1. You need to master how to start a fire with sticks: you might actually need more than that including candling and fire board, and sometimes you might need some strength to start a fire bow in the top rock. To start a fire this way is very difficult even under the best of conditions. Your only help could be to pack and store matches for the trip. Be it useful during the camping, hiking, hunting or fishing, the most important thing is that you have it, should need arise.
  2. outdoor survivalUse and suck the venom of a snake bite: the clinical field trials that were conducted at the University of Arizona has shown that more damages are done by the surrounding tissues if you apply suction devices. However, it is also said that the use of ice and compression wraps will do more harm than good. It is advisable to wash the wound site and cover it with a bandage when you are beaten by a snake and try as much as you can to get medical help as soon as possible. Do not forget that a dead snake can still bite and the snakes bite reflex sticks around after a few hours of death.
  3. You cannot out run wild animals such as a bear: Yes you heard me right. No situation on earth could make you or anyone else outrun a bear. outdoor survivalBears are tremendously fast running wild animals. Depending on the situation, you should play dead if you encounter a bear. However, it also depends on the bear. If it’s a grizzly bear, your best chance is to stay on the ground even when it charges you. But if it makes contact, try and drop down, cover your vital organs and play dead. If it’s a black bear, that won’t work, and you will need to make yourself seem big and threatening by opening your jacket screaming and stomping. Either way, do not make eye contact and always try to carry a bear spray. That is the reason a lot of people carry firearms with them to the outdoors. For example, a 22lr rifle of a 30-06 rifle with the best scope for 30-06 rifles that can enable you to shoot a wild animal suspected to attack you at close or far range.
  4. Fighting back to wild fishes: the best way to stop any wild fish attack is by actively punching it on the nose. While this would work. Thus, you might be under-estimating how it would be to hit on the nose, especially under water while you are being attacked and more than likely, you might end up sticking your hands in its mouth. Instead, try hitting it on its gills and its eyes because these are much easier targets.
  5. Finding water in the desert or vast dry land: You will need to start sourcing for water immediately. It is advisable to always try to find a shade and try not to often sweat during the day. Moving around might be better in the night when it’s cooler. Most people die in such places after five hours of taxing their bodies to find water. Other individuals who are experienced and know what to do have lived up to two days while surviving and conserving what they have. If it comes to drinking your pea to quench your taste, do not hesitate to do so. A lot of people have done it to survive. You can also look for a cactus and drink from it. But do not forget, it is similar to your urine that your body will have to work to quench all the potential poisons that might lead you to a heat stroke.
  6. First aid: it is essential that you be prepaid and pack every necessary first aid item that could sustain your life or the lives of other people with you until a real medical help arrives if anything happens.
  7. Filtering your water: you should know that boiling water only kills germs and bacteria. There are some serious organisms that boiling cannot do away with. It will need to be filtered. So it is highly recommended you take some water filtering gadgets with you or that you have carried enough water that will last through out your stay outdoors.
  8. Sources of re-hydration: you can eat snow to re-hydrate. Snow is water, and it will be better to melt it and then drink.
  9. Building a shelter: this means having a roof over your head. Most people might think that it is more important to build a super classic house or 2 person camping tent.outdoor survival But survival experts will tell you that you will need to worry about the ground and not the sky. They say it is better to have a bed and no roof, than a roof and no bed. The most and first thing you should do when making a shelter is to consider making a bed that will prevent you from losing a valuable heat from your body into the ground. After that, if you still have time, then you can focus on the roof.

Article written By; Max Davidov
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