May 26, 2024

When you’re out camping, you hardly want to bore yourself. Imagine sitting by a bonfire, miles away from the stress of daily life and the boredom of monotony. Having fun games to play with your family is a great way to rid yourself of the boredom and enjoy the camping trip. It also helps instill quality time and bring in moments where you will not be using your electronic devices to spend away the moments.

1. Flashlight Tag

Using a flashlight, this simple childhood game needs you to tag each and every person as the denner with a flashlight. When the last person has been tagged, the flashlight changes hands and a new denner takes the place of the older one.

2. Chinese Whispers

Chinese whispers are suitable if you have a large family coming with you. If not, do not despair, for you can still have the whispers in many cycles. Chinese whispers are hilarious and very entertaining. The results you come up with may completely be different from what you have heard.

3. Sleeping Bag Races

Much like a potato trying to run, it may seem. However, sleeping bag races are not uncommon on camping trips. One just needs to have a number of sleeping bags to fill into and hop and trip across in an embarrassing yet entertaining event.

4. Shadow Hand Puppets

We all did this as kids, but it is even better with families. Hold a light against a wall, and let your hands combine into various shapes and types of unnatural imaginative objects. Create unwritten stories with them and let your imagination run wild here.

5. Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a very interesting game. You probably know how to play it already. Just draw a hopscotch board on any flat plane or ground around you, gather a few pebbles, and you are ready. Hopscotch never gets tiring at all!

6. Basketball Is Always Welcome

Nothing beats a game of basketball. If it is possible, try to take a portable basketball set up with you on the trip. You can play the game anywhere there is some flat ground. And in case you find yourself lacking some skills to play this lovely game, you can always learn how to shoot a basketball, and win!

7. Truth or Dare

We’ve all heard of or played truth and dare at some point in time. This game involves spinning a bottle or a similar object in the middle of a group of people seated around it. Whoever the bottle points to after it stops spinning, must choose between telling a truth or completing a dare given by the other players.

8. Telling Stories

In this game, one person begins a story and the others pick up where he stops. The story continues and everybody will try to make it interesting and relevant while putting in their own points. The final story may be hilarious or breathtaking – you never know when you’re around family.

9. Simon Says

Choose a leader for this one. The leader will call out activity instructions to the other players. However, there is a catch. The instructions may only be fulfilled if the leader adds “Simon says” to them.

10. Glow-in-the-Dark Ring Toss

You can easily play this fun and interesting game of glow in the dark ring toss. All that you will need is a set of rings that glow and a short pole to throw them over.

Enjoying your camping trip is not difficult. With these lovely games to keep you company, finding your laugh, or spending what appears to be the best time of your life, is never difficult. With these games in your mind, you will easily have the most pristine moments on your camping trip. Make the most of it and return refreshed.