July 11, 2024

Going on a hunt can be a great pastime for a variety of reasons. However, when you go, it can be a long time sitting in a tree stand or in the woods without anything to do. If you are wise, you might bring a snack and supplies while you wait, but is a vape something you should bring? There are a few pros and cons to the process, here are some things you may want to consider before vaping while hunting.

Before you go on a bear hunt to see what you can see, remember that a lot of animals highest perception skill is through their nose. Some animals can perceive different smells up to a mile away, and this is the biggest factor to consider while hunting. When you vape, most flavors will have at least part of the flavor in their vape cloud. While you may not be able to smell it, other animals probably can.

To combat this, most hunters will use some form of smell control before setting out on the trail. This comes in many forms from basic camp fire smoke to high tech chemical coverage. Smell is a huge factor, but on the trail, your vape is going to break the anti-scent technology. If you absolutely must vape, make sure you are down wind of your prey in order to avoid alerting them to your presence. If you are upwind, try to vape into your shirt. It will still give off a scent, but it may help reduce the chance.

Another factor to consider is the noise you can make while vaping. Too much noise or movement will give away your position. Even if you are in a tree stand, the noise can carry. Some vape pens can be nearly inaudible, but the bigger mods can make a lot of noise firing up. If you are set on vaping while hunting, try to get a small pen or vape kit to minimize your noise and movement. Also, make sure to fill up before you head out, running out on the trail would be annoying.

Along this same line is how much you are carrying. Most hunting trips carry only what is necessary to get the job done. A vape pen is light and easy to use. It may not offer the biggest cloud or most draw but remember what you are out there to do. Vaping is mostly there to help take the edge of nicotine withdrawal off. Your goal is to bag the big one without distraction.

Overall, vaping while hunting is a personal choice. If you pack light and keep it to a minimum, there are no terrible consequences to vaping on the trail. Just remember that your scent and the vape can carry. Of course, some deer are curious about the vape scents and could potentially be drawn to you. Who knows, maybe your Cosmic Fog Sonrise is also a favorite of the deer population. Either way, just be careful when you take the vape with you, and try to keep it on the small side to minimize the impact.

Article Written By; Alex Harison