April 25, 2024

A typical calamity always results in a disruption of normalcy, and access to some of the most basic needs and services may be significantly hampered. It is essential to be proactive in readiness for such disasters.

Below are some of the things to keep in mind when stocking your armory items during your prepping:

Body Gear and Armor

With different levels of protection out there, what matters is your ability to get the right level with whichever firepower you intend to acquire. The common question for most preppers is the amount of ammo that they will need during when prepping. You can easily get your supplies through a coupon for palmetto state armory, which will provide you with the following list of firearms:

  • Shotgun – A shotgun has at least 500 rounds, which is relatively high and suitable enough to defend your home for a long time.
  • Battle rifle – It’s a reasonable combat load of up to 30 rounds for 12 magazines each (12 x 30 = 360). The battle rifle is the weapon of choice with magazines holding far more load than any typical magazine.
  • Long-range rifle – It’s a great deal of a weapon capable of picking off a zombie 600 yards leave alone its ability to put a deer for dinner at your table. It reaches greater distance and able to pull double duty.
  • Pistol- not quite as powerful as the battle rifle, Pistol ammo get cleaned much quickly; hence you should be to have more than the bare minimum of ammo.

Despite the acquisition of all that ammunition, it is vital to have an ammo inventory spreadsheet for keeping records and monitoring your budget. Ensure you plan within your budget to get the requisite arsenal in place. While considering the number of magazines you might need for your weapons, the appropriate amount would be four magazines for each pistol and a minimum of 10 for the battle rifle.


Bugging out

Bugging out is preparing your most survival items in a pack that you can easily pick and run in case you need to escape in a hurry. However, bugging in is the most preferred and much safer than running into unknown territory. It is also prudent that you put a contingency plan for bugging out, such as the need for cooking facilities, water, and lighting.

Provided is a list of bug out bag items that will be a necessary accessory to your armory when prepping:

  • Water bottle stainless- its benefit is that you can boil the water over the fire.
  • ENO Rain Fly -it’s easy to string between two trees for shelter, it is a suitable alternative, that will save you enough space if you were to pack a tent.
  • Emergency food rations- emergency rations last longer than any other available options for bug out bag food.
  • ESS REcon Sleeping bag- it is a lightweight and compact bag, very portable and valuable when prepping.
  • Firestarter- in case your match sticks get wet or lighters run out of fuel in such instances, the fire starter can be an excellent backup option.

Health and medicine

When stocking your armory, have a comprehensive first aid kit, with an emergency supply of medication, which will come in handy when someone falls ill in the course of a disaster. Consequently, you should have a little knowledge of first aid, such that you can conduct CPR to someone who is injured and save their lives.

Water and Water storage

Regarding Berkey, the gold standard in water filtrations, but which is very highly-priced, consider better alternatives and ensure that your water is tested at least twice a year. This will prevent dire consequences when water becomes contaminated, and there is no time or way to treat it.

Food and Food storage

Ensure you have edible stored food even if it requires straining your budget for a premium canned meat, it will be worth the investment. Also, make sure the food is packaged in small manageable sizes. When you find yourself in a forceful evacuation, your DIY food bucket would be a great resource.

Books on Prepping and Reference Manuals

It would also be essential to have prepping books and any reference material to help you in ensuring you don’t miss some of the necessary armory items when prepping. These books have great concepts of survival, which include: survival manuals, Homesteading and self-reliance, Natural remedies, and first aid as well as tactical methods and strategies.


It is essential to list the items you need to include in your armor when prepping. A checklist would help in counter checking some of the essentials. One key thing in all this process is the ability to gain critical skills, water, food, and medical supplies to move towards survival no matter the circumstances and be able to take care of yourself and those around you.