June 23, 2024

Three Circles Knives

The knife in most cases is any outdoorsman”s best friend.  Heck, I never the leave the house without some sort of knife on me even if its for a jog.  If you watch any of those survival shows on TV, you will really see how important and versatile a good knife can be.  Most of us never have to worry about being in those circumstances, but keeping a good knife around for that “just in case” scenerio is always a good idea.

For the standard outdoorsman, the knife is our do-all tool.  Besides being a knife and cutting what needs cut, they get used for chopping down trees, opening cans of stew, tightening screws,  hammering nails or getting in that coconut on the deserted beach.  Its the one tool that is alway by our side and therefore gets picked first to try every job.

The Satori Tanto from Three Circles Knives is a knife I wouldn”t mind taking with me for when I get stranded in the jungles we have in Illinois or I guess those little ones in South America also.  These knives are built for abuse and the will take whatever coconut or washed up car tire you throw at it.  The pictures don”t show you just how tough these knives are.  They are thick and heavy and not in a bad way.  This is a one piece body made out of 1/4″ Steel and they didn”t take much off of that to give you the blade.  It will cut trees with the best of them and still gut that croc when needed.


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