July 11, 2024
1911 pistol

John Moses Browning’s model of 1911 influenced the gun market, just like several other firearms in history. As a matter of fact, because of the popularity and longevity of this single-stack design, a complete product category was made, all resulting or ensuing from the basic idea of Browning’s creation.

The model of 1911 by John Browning has a grip safety, manual thumb, single-action trigger, hammer-fired operating system, and short recoil. Although 1911 does refer to a certain pistol, adopted and produced by the US military, the manufacturers today have introduced many different variations and adaptations of this concept.

Below are some of the most affordable 1911 handguns that are worth money. So, take a read!

Taurus PT-1911

This gun is manufactured in Brazil and is very affordable. In fact, the price for the Taurus PT-1911 falls under the $700 category. The Taurus 1911 is hand-fitted for precision, with 5 inches barrel, flared and lowered ejection, and dovetail sight.

What makes this firearm a standout is that its hammer forged. And you can verify it by looking at the serial numbers on the gun parts. Completing the ensemble is an excellent short, crisp Apex Trigger.

Moreover, the Taurus PT-1911 is extremely safe, thanks to Taurus’ special system and dexterous safety. The special system found on the hammer disables the firearm. Another thing, the Taurus 1911, arrives with a bushing wrench and two magazines from most gun dealers, such as Gunhub.com.au.

Springfield 1911

The Springfield 1911 is a five inches-styled gun that comes in parkerized finish or stainless steel finish. Also, the piece highlights the three-dot combat sights. Moreover, this gun arrives with an original, authentic short trigger, grip safety, GI style thumb, and a GI hammer.

Additionally, the beveled magazine of the SA mil-spec 1911 helps in quick unloading and loading, chambering seven rounds. The accuracy and performance of this piece are very impressive. Even so, it needs a few extras such as a beavertail grip safety. The Springfield 1991 is priced at about $800.

Remington 1911

The Remington 1911 is almost similar to the very first 1911 made. It is an accurate, reliable, and enduring handgun. The similarities it shares with the original 1911 include checkered walnut grips, front and dovetail rear sights, and a crisp trigger.

What makes it different is the flared and lowered ejection port for taking out the cartridge accurately and faster. Also, the Remington 1911 is undoubtedly an upgraded version, which features an extended beavertail safety. What’s more, it arrives with a complete range of accessories like grips, triggers, and sights to make it a tool tailored for your needs.

Magnum 1911

This carbon-steel .45 caliber frame gun is armed with a low-mount combat sight, dovetailed sights, a single-column magazine, and a skeletonized trigger. The Magnum 1911 cycle operates much smoother thanks to the full-length recoil guide, thus, boosting the lifetime of the slide.

Moreover, the gun’s grip is built from checkered wood, improving the control. The beveled magazine helps simply the loading and unloading of rounds. Also, the gun features a beavertail grip safety and extended thumb safety. Another thing, the shooting precision of the Magnum 1911 is superb, giving a great quality-price ratio.

Ruger 1911

The stainless steel Ruger 1911 features thumb safety and beavertail safety, as well as its unique Titanium firing pin. The gun also features an oversized and lowered ejection port, made from one type of metal to keep the uniformity of color.

The Ruger 1911 is one of the firearms that keep or maintains the original design, which includes the three-dot sight. Moreover, it’s a favorite for reliability and sturdiness and arrives with a bushing wrench.

Additionally, the Ruger 1911 has no loose parts. That said, the gun has one of the simplest and most straightforward recoils. If you are a novice or intermediate shooter, you will get along with the Ruger 1911 very well.

Para 1911

Para 1911 is recommended for beginners because it works perfectly straight out of the box. Consider it as your confidante for self-defense or perhaps your companion in a shooting competition.

The green fiber optic front is the most useful feature of the Para 1911, helping you get a precise target acquisition and quick target switching. Moreover, the two rounds of magazines won’t leave you outgunned. Plus, the skeletonized trigger is accurate and crisp.


There’s always a 1911 pistol available for you, relying on your budget and needs. So, before you decide which to choose, do study and research the market. Always think about the more affordable options if you’re not a collector.

Some 1911 comprise only the basic elements. Even so, more often than not, it is all you need to protect yourself. Also, the price difference often comes from the economic differences between the Us and the originating country.