June 15, 2024


Article Written By: Tim Collins,

terrier bladesWelcome all you average outdoorsman, and women. Today’s product review is for our friends at Terrier Blades. I had the honor to review their “Neck Knife”. They offer several different types of the “Neck Knife” at Terrier Blades such as the Ram, Duck, Salmon and the one I received the Bear. Terrier Blades designs are inspired from the west coast aboriginal culture. Ironically, my children call me “Papa bear”, so it is fitting that I received the “Bear Necky”. And yes, that is what they call it.

terrier bladesFirst and foremost, be very careful when you receive your Terrier Blade, they come to you very sharp. When I received my “Bear Necky” from Terrier Blades, I first noticed how light, but solid it was. The blade is made out of 440 stainless steel, the sheath is made out of black nylon and the necklace is round leather. My “Bear Necky” came with instructions on how to safely get your knife out of the sheath. I suggest that you follow these instructions, or just hold your sheath with one hand and then remove the knife with the other. The reason for this is because the sheath is very thick, solid and secures the knife extremely well. It is possible to break your necklace if the instructions are not followed. I am using my “Bear Necky” at work. The weather has been extremely cold and once I was a little careless, or frozen, and actually cut the side of my palm a little bit. If I did not mention it before, your Terrier Blade comes to you very sharp, so be cautious.

terrier blades

 Terrier Blades advertises their “Neck Knives” as popular with both sports enthusiasts and knife enthusiasts. As far as their claim that the “Neck Knifes” is an attractive pendant to be worn around the neck, I would probably be last one to give fashion tips so I will leave that for the individual to decide. I will confirm that they are so lightweight around the neck that you do not notice they are there and it is very handy to have the knife at your disposal. My “Bear Necky” also came with a key-chain ring in case I want to attach my “Bear Necky” to my truck keys. The ease of availability in which Terrier Blades provide with the “Neck Knives” allows the outdoor user an easy opportunity to use the knife. Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and even self-defense are endless possibilities for your “Neck Knife”. terrier bladesI wear mine everywhere I go because you just don’t know when you may need a knife and with a “Neck Knife” it is always close by.

I am extremely pleased to have been chosen to review the Terrier Blades “Bear Necky”. I am impressed with the quality and am proud to own a custom hand-made knife. That’s right, these “Neck Knifes” are hand-made by Mr. Peter Demmer of British Columbia and you can feel the pride he puts in to making the “Neck Knife”. I recommend everyone to get his or her own neck knife in the style that best reflects who you are. You will not be dis-appointed; I know that I am not.

Thank you for reading this review and if you have any comments, questions or even critiques, please feel free to contact me.

Remember to do something nice for someone today,
Tim Collins.