May 18, 2024


Product Review Written By: Tim Collins,

shock strapshock strapshock strap

Good afternoon, today’s product review is for the Shock Strap tie down straps. Their claim is that their Shock Straps are superior to regular tie down straps because they provide shock absorption while keeping your load secure. This keeps the Shock Straps from loosening up while hauling your outdoor “toys”. As we all know, when hauling your ATV, motorcycle, snowmobile or towing your small fishing boat, the tie down straps will sometimes come loose. Not only can this become an expensive problem but also a dangerous one. With Shock Strap tie down straps this problem is solved.

When first inspecting these Shock Straps, they appear to be of solid high quality materials. The Shock Straps that I received are the 6’ straps that have a 1” polyester webbing and large 3/8” steel hooks. The 1” polyester webbing has a 3800lb. breaking strength an 1100lb. working load limit and the Shock Strap has a 500lb. strength rating. The cam buckle is rated over 1800lbs. and is real simple and easy to use. I can attest that the straps did not come loose for the short trip I took with the ATV strapped down in the bed of my friend Travis’s truck.

shock strapshock strapshock strap

I also tested 2 of the ratchet strap Shock Straps to secure a dirt bike in the bed of my friend Shannon’s truck. Once again the Shock Straps performed as advertised. The large hooks allow you several choices as to where you wish to hook on to your outdoor toy to secure it down. In both cases the hooks kept pressure on them keeping the ATV and dirt bike safely secure. To back their product up Shock Strap offers an industry leading 2-year warranty. For this test the Shock Strap tie down straps worked as advertised. I look forward to many years of use for all my hauling needs.

shock strapshock strapshock strap

I also received the Shock Strap strap latch to go with the Shock Strap tie down straps. One of the biggest pains when securing down your load is when the hook comes loose from its anchor while you are attempting to set the other hook in preparation to tie down. With the Shock Strap strap latches you are able to keep the hook on its anchor while you work on strapping down your load. The Shock Strap strap latch is a bit stiff when first attempting to stretch it over the hooks, but I think that it is necessary for keeping the hook secure to its anchor point. The key is to put the Shock Strap strap latch on the hook before you set the hook on its anchor point. Then you can pull the Shock Strap strap latch over the hook keeping the hook secure to its anchor point. As you can see from the photos, any angle or position you have the hook, the Shock Strap strap latch keeps it in place allowing you to conveniently secure your outdoor toys in place.

shock strapshock strapshock strapshock strap shock strapshock strapshock strapshock strapshock strapshock strap

In conclusion, I was very pleased to have the opportunity to test the Shock Strap tie down straps. Using shock absorbing at the cam buckle does keep the tension on the hooks keeping your load secure without having the straps come loose. I was particularly fond of the Shock Strap strap latches. It is relieving to know you can keep the first hook in place while you get the strap in position to secure your load. We don’t always have someone with us to hold the hook in place and having these little gems sure come in handy. I highly recommend the Shock Strap products to everyone for securing not only their outdoor “toys”, but any investment they need to haul.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review.

Tim Collins.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received ShockStrap Tie Down Straps and Strap Latch for free from  ShockStrap as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for review publication.

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