April 20, 2024
BOLT Locks fishing boat trailer locks

MILWAUKEE – Bass fishers are known to carry and haul a lot of gear when fishing. Rods, reels, tackle, bait, weight scale, pliers, and other smaller items can be stored in a truck bed or tackle box. The boat itself can be hauled by a trailer which is then attached to the tow vehicle. But hauling and carrying that much equipment, which can potentially total thousands of dollars, can feel risky to fishermen because of the threat of theft. An obvious answer is to lock the gear up with various locks, but that can become a hassle in and of itself due to the small keys, not knowing which key operates which lock, and the resulting key ring clutter. Visible locks that are easy to use and feature patented technology are the best solution, and those important features are all found in the BOLT® Lock product line.

By using specially crafted tumblers that memorize a vehicle’s ignition key, BOLT Locks reduce key clutter and programs every lock used by bass fishermen to the one key they’re sure to need: their truck key. After the first insertion and rotation of the ignition key into the specialized tumblers, the lock is permanently programmed. Every lock a fisherman could need for trailers, hitches, boats, tool boxes, tackle boxes, generators, dock boxes, and more is available from BOLT Lock.

“As a professional bass fisher, I have a lot of money invested into my equipment so securing everything I need for fishing is a high priority. I use seven BOLT locks in total so I’m not worried about my gear when I’m competing. BOLT locks are the easiest way to secure everything and changing over from traditional locks to BOLT was life-changing,” said Major League Fishing angler Justin Lucas.

The stainless steel pin of the Coupler Pin Lock fits couplers from ½-inch to 3 3/8-inches in 1/8-inch increments, providing a snug fit. BOLT’s coupler pin lock secures the locking lever from any movement and serves dual purposes: locking a trailer ball when hitched to a vehicle or making the coupler unusable when off of the vehicle. When the trailer is not hitched to a vehicle, the coupler pin lock secures the locking lever so that it cannot be moved in order for a new vehicle to attach a ball mount to the trailer.

BOLT Lock’s Receiver Lock is the other dual-purpose lock for towing. Designed to lock the ball mount receiver onto the hitch of the vehicle, the Receiver Lock comes in two sizes: ½-inch and 5/8-inches. BOLT Locks’ ½-inch Receiver Lock fits Class 1 and 2 hitches while the 5/8-inch Receiver Lock fits Class 3, 4, and 5 hitches. The receiver locks work by locking the ball mount to the receiver. When the ball mount is attached to the receiver hitch of the vehicle, the receiver lock is inserted and locked into place. This specific lock can be used whether or not a trailer is hitched to the vehicle. The receiver lock prevents the ball mount from being stolen off of the vehicle as well as preventing the trailer itself from being stolen with the ball mount receiver.

Market demand for a lock to protect unattended trailers led to the design and creation of the company’s new hardened steel, red powder-coated Trailer Coupler Lock. Featuring bold red BOLT coloring, the robust device is a visible theft deterrent which is placed on the trailer’s coupler and locked to prevent being secured to another vehicle.

BOLT also offers cable locks and padlocks. The cable lock can secure kayaks to a roof rack of a vehicle, bikes to the back of a vehicle, generators to trailers, spare tires under the bed of the truck and any other item that needs to be protected during transport or storage. The multipurpose cable lock features a six-foot-long ¼-inch black vinyl-coated coiled cable.

BOLT Locks’ padlocks can also be used in multiple ways: to lock a cargo trailer door, secure a storage shed, lock a toolbox or tackle box, and more. No matter what needs to be secured, BOLT provides a convenient lock that opens with the vehicle’s ignition key in order to protect it.

For more information on how BOLT technology works, visit https://www.boltlock.com/how-it-works.

About BOLT (Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology)

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