May 18, 2024


Welcome everyone, today’s product review is for the ScopeShield neoprene scope cover. I would like to say it was an honor and a privilege to test this item. The timing for the testing was perfect because I took it out hunting the day after I received the ScopeShield neoprene scope cover and it needed to prove its worth immediately. The U.P. of Michigan hunting gods blessed me with a snowy day with a temperature of 19 degrees, winds from the NW at 13 mph making the wind chill of 5 degrees. Yes, I was really going to test this baby out.

Here is what I wanted to find out about the ScopeShield neoprene scope cover:

Ø How effective is it at protecting the scope.
Ø How easy was it to use in a hunting situation.
Ø How awkward would it be in a shooting situation.
Ø How loud would it be when taking it off and putting it back on.

I can say that I was extremely pleased with the results. Not only did it perform well on everything I was looking for, it is also a simple no-nonsense piece of equipment you will be satisfied with.

Allow me to break down how the ScopeShield neoprene scope cover did in the categories I was concerned with.


Everyone knows that neoprene is water proof/water resistant. This makes it perfect for those hunting conditions that move the game we seek but make it uncomfortable to expose ourselves to. The ScopeShield neoprene scope cover covers your entire scope protecting it completely from the elements. This is why you need to know the length of your scope that you are protecting. It does not matter what the power of your scope is, the length is what determines the size of your ScopeShield neoprene scope cover. My scope happened to be 13 1/8th inches and I received a 13” ScopeShield neoprene scope cover. As mentioned earlier it was snowing on and off when I went hunting and my scope was dry all the way to my deer blind, and I walk 1/3rd mile through the tamarack swamp to get to my blind. The ScopeShield scope cover was aces!


The ScopeShield neoprene scope cover is simple and easy to use. Just use the provided small tab on the ScopeShield scope cover to lift it off your scope and the loop provided to go over your firearm keeps it from falling to the ground. The ScopeShield neoprene scope cover simply drops out of the way allowing you to scope your game without getting in the way and becoming a distraction. I know some people will say that it is an extra step that takes both hands and valuable seconds to clear your scope and target your game. Your worry is warranted, however, I used one hand to remove the ScopeShield neoprene scope cover while taking a photo with my other hand on my phone. I did this in about 3 seconds in a non-shooting environment and with my clumbsy hand. Again, the ScopeShield neoprene scope cover receives high marks.


This is important to me considering the type of whitetail hunting I do. My longest shot in the tamarack swamp is 70 yards and that is at my bait pile. Everything else surrounding me is within 25 yards. I put a high price on quiet. I use my scope to pick out small shooting windows in an environment that is designed to shelter deer. I am proud to say that the ScopeShield neoprene scope cover passes my scratch test for noise. I was able to take it off, put it on and lean it out my shooting window without a sound. I value that!

All-in-all, the ScopeShield neoprene scope cover receives my recommendation for owning. It is easy to use, quiet enough to not give you away and flat out just does the job it is meant to do and that is protect your scope from the bad weather you want to hunt in. Now, here’s a really cool thing about the ScopeShield neoprene scope cover. Not only do they only cost $15.95, when you visit their website, you can even customize your ScopeShield neoprene scope cover. You can get them in different colors, special logos or even get them made with your own company or group logo! How cool is that? The ScopeShield neoprene scope cover is a product you will not regret purchasing and using for years.

Thank you for taking the time to read this product review. I hope you found this product review informative and useful. If you have any questions, comments or critiques, please feel free to contact me.

Have a great day,
Tim Collins.