July 16, 2024


Article Written By: Tim Collins,

RAVPower DuoGood day fellow AvergeOutdoorsman fans today’s review is from our friends at RAVPower. The item reviewed was the RAVPower Duo, a battery pack and lantern combo. If you don’t already know about RAVPower I encourage everyone to click on any one of the several links I have provided and give them a look.

The RAVPower Duo is a small but powerful external battery pack that also has a small 3 LED light pop-up lantern. The package comes with A RAVPower power bank, a USB cable, and a handy user’s guide and as an extra bonus they throw in a useful snap hook. The RAVPower Duo is small enough to fit in the palm of your hands making it convenient for storage on your camping, fishing, hiking or hunting trip. The 4 LED power indicator lights make it easy to let you know how much power you still have available. The RAVPower Duo sells for $29.99 at the RAVPower website and a small personal favorite of mine is that it comes in camo.

All right, enough describing the RAVPower Duo, lets get to the meat-and-potatoes of how the RAVPower Duo performed. When I received my RAVPower Duo it already had 2 LED lights, meaning it was about 50% charged. For the first charging I plugged it into my laptop and after a couple of hours I realized that it was going to take a while before the RAVPower Duo was going to be fully charged. After 5 hours of charging I had 3 LED lights with the 4th one flashing so I let it charge all night long. Now, RAVPower does state that the RAVPower Duo will charge slower if plugged into your laptop and charges faster using your cell phones wall adaptor so for the second charging I used my cell phones wall adaptor. This time I only had 1 LED light flashing when I plugged it in at 6:30 pm but it still took all night to fully charge the RAVPower Duo. Because of this I recommend you plan accordingly and charge your RAVPower Duo overnight before your outdoor adventure. This is only an inconvenience if you are not aware of this detail ahead of time, so, you’re welcome.

RAVPower DuoRAVPower Duo


I will say that a fully charged RAVPower Duo provides you with an impressive amount of charging ability. I was able to charge my cell phone 4 times, my son’s tablet for a short time (not much patience) and my wife’s cell phone once. As I mentioned earlier I still had 1 LED light flashing when plugging it in for the second charging. Each time it only took about 1-1/2 to 2 hours to charge the cell phones from anywhere around 7%-30% charged to 95% to 100% charged. The lantern gives you sufficient lighting for tasks needed to do. No, I do not recommend reading with the lantern, but to find gear in the dark when needed, the RAVPower Duo does provide enough light for you to safely find your stuff or get you down the path. I was comfortable using the lantern digging in the back of my woods/work SUV at night without any other lighting.

RAVPower DuoAs you can see from the pictures, it does not do the RAVPower Duo any justice. You will have to trust me that the lantern allowed me to see my tackle box well enough that I could look for whatever lure I wanted without trouble. My son, who took the pictures, was about 5 feet away without flash. I will also inform everyone that the lantern also provides safe alternative lighting indoors when the power goes out. Before I was able to post this review my whole town and surrounding areas lost power. Luckily, I had my RAVPower Duo fully charged and the lantern was assigned bathroom duty. No, the pun was not intended, but pretty funny. It was left on all night and I was able to turn it off in the morning after power was restored and I still have enough power left to charge my phone or tablet if needed.

What does all this mean for us average outdoors people? Simple, you can go on your outdoor adventure for the day or even the weekend with your cell phone or even tablet, if you really need to, and be able to charge them with the RAVPower Duo. You can even use the RAVPower Duo as a light source if you need to. It is; however, important to mention that as your cell phone or tablet is not waterproof/water-resistant neither is the RAVPower Duo. So as you adventure outdoors remember to keep the RAVPower Duo and your equipment protected as necessary.

In conclusion, I highly recommend that you have a RAVPower Duo as part of your outdoor adventure equipment. It is small, lightweight, convenient, and dare I say, a necessity for outdoor adventures. Just remember to charge the RAVPower Duo overnight so you will have more than enough charging power. I know that mine will remain in either my work/woods SUV or my backpack. Who knows when you will need to use your cell phone in an emergency and it is not sufficiently charged? With a RAVPower Duo you can charge a dead cell phone enough to use in a small amount of time or charge the phone or tablet to satisfy your kids when they become board. Let’s face it, emergency’s come in all forms.

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