May 20, 2024

How many times have you just made that great shot and watched that critter run off into the distance.  You know you made a great shot so you watch where it ran by that one tree a couple hundred yards away and wait till dark.  All you have to do is walk over to that tree, pick up the blood trail and find your trophy.  But its now dark, you can’t find that tree you saw earlier and now you can’t find that blood trail.

Review Completed By: Matt

Product Name: The 4L

Company Website:

Product Description: The 4L (‘Last Light Laser Locator’) is a big game hunting and tracking aid. It is made of a compact portable 883140_554214897945456_91402837_oplatform and a laser pointer that shoots a beam from a hunter’s location to a shot’s area of impact. Its purpose is to mark the spot where tracking should begin, overcoming the challenge of maintaining line of sight, especially in areas where swamps, rivers, and valleys need to be negotiated.

Concept of Product (Brief Description): Mark last location of animal for tracking purposes

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