July 11, 2024

This Average Hunter has a strive for being physically fit to fulfill a better experience on the hunt, the hike or just trying to keep up with the kids in the yard.   With that strive, I look to added workout supplements  to help in any way to make for a better workout and most importantly, a faster recovery.  When I ran across this product on Twitter, I knew it was something I had to try.

What’s so different with Frog Performance FrogFuel?  Are all of these protein supplements the same?  Those are some of the questions I have with all of these on the market today.  The more and more I read about these type of supplement, the more I realize they are all different.  The science of this is way to deep for this conversations and this Average Hunter in particular.  Threw all the powders, shakes, pills and everything else I have tried, I know what my body needs and what actually works for me.  That is what drove me towards this product.  It has ingredients I know I need.  FrogFuel is designed to make you perform better and recover faster.  This product

A little about Frog Performance.  I will just say that this is one of the things that got me even more interested.  FrogFuel was designed and is owned by two guys that met when they were SEALS.  They know the physical demands a body has to go thru in the absolute worst case scenarios and also how important it is for your body to recover and heal quickly.  I don’t plan on jumping out of a helicopter with 40 pounds of gear 2 miles off shore somewhere, but if this stuff is what helps them, then I think its good enough for me.

My testing of FrogFuel starts with the beginning of my own boot camp.  I was just starting a “boot camp” style class that I knew my body wasn’t ready for.  I started this class with no supplements.  I wanted to set a baseline for how I would feel.  Well, that was a mistake.  I never felt so much pain that lasted for so many days.  You know the class is gonna be hard when our instructor, who is still active military himself, has us so worn out in the warm-up and then starts the lesson.  I still prepared prior to class with plenty of water all day, slight increase in carbs and finished with the classic banana afterwards.  I did this for every class in the last 5 weeks.  Like I mentioned, the first week was no supplements to help with class.


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