June 23, 2024

Being Prepared is a concept that is going around a lot these day in many different meanings.  Preparedness can mean anything from packing the kids for school everyday or being Prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse.  What about for a new hunter or even a veteran hunter thats going on a new adventure?  Being prepared can, no will, make or break your hunt.

Multiple questions should be asked when preparing for a hunt and these answers can vary depending on location and size of animal so I will keep this basic.  For example, we may go on a deer hunt with a rifle somewhere in North America, so what do I need.  Again, we are not discussing specifics like models or brands on any of these questions.  Just the basics.

What Rifle?  There are many different options out there for rifles.  You first choice should be something that fits you and is comfortable to shoot.  For me, I am more concerned about what gun I can shoot the best over what gun someone else can shoot the best.  As far as caliber, know your animal and region.  Understand that a deer in the Southern US don’t require the knock down power like the deer in the North or West.  Also know the regulations of the area you are hunting.  Caliber restrictions change from different states or regions.

Quality Optics.  That’s if you are using one.  There are even more options out there for scopes as there are rifles.  Know your conditions you will be hunting in.  Will there be LONG range shots or mostly all close range?  Lighting conditions is a big one also.  If you may be shooting in in low light, look at something that gathers more light or has a lighted reticle.  A big one for me is fit.  Be careful with eye relief.  Where will your scope mount on your rifle and how much eye relief do you need?  Many things to think about when picking out optics.

Transportation and Storage.  How are you getting to your hunt.  Get a good case.  Everything depends on your firearm so a quality case is important.  If you flying, the case is even more important.  You are not in control of what happens after you hand your rifle over to the airport, make sure it’s protected and locked.

Getting Around In The Field.  How are you going to get around in the field?  What about packing all your gear?  Your pack is something you need to make sure you spend time and thought getting prepared.  Know your hunt.  Could you be stuck out miles away from anyone or are you just taking a short walk to sit in a tree all day.  Plan for the worst is the best.  You can’t undo that storm that blew in or where that deer ran after you shot it.  A good pack with all the gear you could need will save your life or at least make your day a lot better.

PRACTICE.  This is the most important item in any situation of being prepared.  You must practice and if at all possible, practice in the situation you may find yourself in.  If you could take 300 yard shots, practice them.  If you have to shoot at different angles, practice them.  If you will be in a lot of heavy clothing and running up a mountain, do whatever you can to practice it.  Practice is the most important part of preparedness.

There is no reason to put yourself in any situation that you are unsure.  Spending the time being prepared will make the hunt more enjoyable.

Below is from article by Steven L at opticsplanet.com