April 24, 2024


LEDNut Motion Sensor LED Light

Today’s outdoor product review is for LEDNut Motion Sensor LED Light. This is a very small led strip light. The motion sensing light comes with a permanent wall attachment and a magnetic strip for mounting. Before I inform you about the light, I have to insert a product disclaimer. So here is the “yucky” stuff;

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received LEDNut motion sensor light for free from LEDNut in consideration for a gear review.

Wall unit

All right then, on with the outdoor product review. The LEDNut Motion Sensor LED Light is awesome. When I say it is small, I mean the roughly the same size as a traveling toothbrush container.

The LEDNut Motion Sensor LED Light is great for a deer camp, tent or camper.

Install the permanent holder with 2 screws that are provided. The light simply attaches to the wall unit on two very small plastic hooks. One hook at the bottom is where the USB port goes. The other hook at the top sets in a groove on the light. Use the magnetic strip to place the light anywhere you need a light or nightlight. You can have the magnetic strip stuck on the back of the light and still use the wall unit because there is room for it.

Light controls

It has three settings, on–off–motion sensing. The switch is located on the side of the unit. The sensor reaches out about 2-3 feet. When you walk close to the light will automatically come on and stay on for about 10-15 seconds. The light is soft and won’t really blind you when it comes on either. It will however light up a room quite well so you can see what you are doing.

Sensor light

You will know when the light is in need of charging because it will act like it is possessed. What I mean is, on the motion sensing setting, the light will come on for no reason and sometimes just come on and stay on. The motion sensing light charges from a USB cable. When you plug the light in you will see a soft red light come on. Once it is fully charged, a soft blue light is your indication.

Red light chargingBlue light fully charged

I enjoy the LEDNut Motion Sensor LED Light. I recommend this product to everyone. If you would like to purchase your own light, use this link HERE.

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Have a great day and enjoy the outdoors,
Tim Collins.