April 21, 2024

Article Written by: Stephen Ward

For those of us hunters who have had the good fortune to put some nice deer heads with racks on our walls, there are times when we can all get caught up with ourselves. We have learned techniques that allow us to harvest deer.   Sure, it’s nice to be proud of the times when things have gone RIGHT for us guys in Camo; and while that can indeed add to some bragging rights, it is also nice to remember just who is the boss of the American forest, the BUCK, and reflect upon just how many times that (and I speak collectively of BUCK as being the all encompassing spirit of ALL those wily rascals) wise old fellow made a fool of us and beat us at what we think is OUR game.

Thinking back, there have been a few times in my hunting experiences that just have been practically downright humiliating and taught me a lesson of respect for Old Mr. Deer; and to realize that they also have a sense of humor at times; or perhaps I should more correctly refer to that as “ATTITUDE!”  The most memorable of such occasions I wanted to share; and while I enjoy showing pictures of some of the deer I have taken; I have also been humbled enough to share that Laughter, at one’s self; when shown who is the boss to beat out there; can indeed be the best Medicine.

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