July 22, 2024
How to Trap Raccoons
How to Trap Raccoons

Like any other animal, raccoons also love some human foods and meats and are attracted to our backyards and trashcans. A raccoon can be a real problem if you have found one in your property. Raccoons can carry the infectious disease as most of the forage in wastes and garbage. In case you are also worried about trapping raccoons on your property, you need to have some essential items.

Trapping a Raccoon

In this guide about how to trap raccoons, we will walk you through every step that can help you to get rid of the raccoon. Using a normal trapping method is a humane way to get rid of this little creature, but raccoon trapping may be illegal in some states. Before you decide to trap raccoons, make sure that you are familiar with state laws regarding these issues.

Fatty meats and sweet foods can be perfect baits for raccoons. If you are good to learn more about how to trap a raccoon, stay with us, and we will discuss each step in detail.

Select Suitable Raccoon Trap

There are different sizes available for raccoon traps. You can choose as per your requirements whether you need a 1-door raccoon trap or a two-door trap. A 1-door raccoon trap is the best option if you are not a professional, and a 2-door raccoon trap offers a higher catch rate. In case you need to get rid of many raccoons at a time, you can choose the 2nd option.

Place the Trap at the Right Position

The best place to set the trap is the area where raccoons have already damaged your property. You can also put the trap near the place where raccoons may live. Raccoons prefer sheltered and covered areas for living, and you are most likely to find the raccoons living in tree hollows, attics, woodpiles, and porches.

Raccoons can knock over the trap, so you must secure the trap to make sure that it stays in place. You can place a brick or any weight at the top of the trap to make it secure.

Bait the Raccoon Trap

You can use a small piece of watermelon or marshmallow. The proper adjustment of the bait is critical for success. The bait must be placed in such a way that the raccoon must enter the trap to eat it. You can watch the videos on how to bat your raccoon trap.

Set the Trap

There are different raccoon traps available in the market. There are different mechanisms of setting the raccoon traps and make sure that trap is working fine before placing it on the raccoon’s location.

Frequently Check the Trap

You must make sure that you don’t leave the raccoon trapped in the cage. So, keep checking the trap frequently. There is no specific time for the raccoon to fall in the trap, so; it can be ten minutes of a few days.

Conclusion: Getting Rid of a Raccoon

Once you have caught the raccoons, the next step is to get rid of these little creatures. Don’t forget to wear protective gloves while relocating raccoons and try to leave raccoon at least 5-6 miles away from your house so they do not return.