June 12, 2024
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Why do most firearm fanatics prefer to have some kind of visual spotting apparatus on most of their rifles- both shotguns and handguns? Well, it’s the simplicity they offer!

Targeting through a scope does away a large percentage of the complexity of lining up iron sights.

If you are a rifle enthusiast you must have seen how complex it is to aim with a metallic sight since you must line up the rear sight with the front sight together with your target. Thankfully, with a scope, you just need to aim your target with your reticle. In fact, most people will find it easy to learn how to shoot with a scope than iron sights. This is because most rifle scopes magnify your target in that it appears closer and easier to see which makes it easier to place a more accurate shot on the target.

Moreover, if you have less perfect vision, you can fine-tune the reticle at the ocular for your specific eyes so that your target appears clear. Also, older people will find it difficult to switch their focus from rear sight to a front sight which is frustrating. These are some of the main reasons why most people prefer scopes to hunt.

Mostly, choosing a rifle scope for 6.5 creedmoor is a matter of choice. There hundreds of thousands of different cheap Rifle Scope for hunting on the market today for hunters and target shooters.

What matters is what you intend to use the scope for. This will help simplify your selection process.

In this article, we have prepared the guidelines to help you choose the best rifle scope.

In summary, there are three steps to get started:

  • The first step: Decide what type of shooting you plan to do
  • Second: Consider the features of the scope that will meet your needs.
  • Third: Read testimonials, reviews and consult manufacturers to help you find the best quality rifle scope that is within your budget.

That said, let’s get started on how to choose the best rifle scopes.

What Will You Use Your Rifle For?

In this case, you need to identify the reason why you want the rifle. Do you want to use the rifle to hit targets, for self-defense or for hunting?

If you plan to shoot at targets, you need to decide how far you will be shooting from.

Let’s get into the “why you need a rifle”

Hunting– Where do you want to hunt and what will you be hunting? If you are planning to go for small game hunting, then you do not need to zoom above 10x. For larger game hunting, you will need a bit further vision.

Self-defense– It would be good to use a scope if you are defending a large area.

Target shooting– Here you need to decide whether you are shooting short or long distance.

Decide The Type Of Scope You Want

There are different types of scopes out there but are categorized into 2 types. It is crucial to understand the two types so you can decide the best for your needs.

  • Fixed Scopes

As the name suggests, fixed scopes do not have adjustable magnification settings which make them easier to use than their counterparts. However, they are also limited to certain applications. For that reason, fixed scopes would be ideal for shooting the same distance and environment. They are also long-lasting.

  • Variable Scopes

Most scopes out there are variable. This means they can be used in a dynamic environment and for precise shooting. This is because they can be adjusted to any shooting need. Also, you can zoom in and out on a target. This makes them the best scopes for hunting. They are also used with sniper rifles as they can shoot long-range.


Even though most scopes are built to withstand rough handling, you need a scope with essential features that will make it long-lasting and durable. A scope with lens coating would be good since it is water resistant and can block different wavelength.

Ensure the scope is sealed so that it does not get foggy with moisture which could make it difficult to see through the glass. Also, it would be good to get high-quality mounts and scope rings. But avoid cheap scope rings since they might make the scope to lose its zero after a long time of usage.

Last but not least, examine the warranty details and also get to know the daily maintenance practices to keep the scope in good condition.


Choosing the right reticle is also important, especially if you want to use your rifle for long-range shooting. There are many types of reticles out there such as mil dots, duplex reticles, simple crosshair and more. Some reticles use ambient light or battery. When it comes to survival, it is essential to choose the right type of reticle. A Duplex reticle would be ideal for survival.


Lenses are also crucial features of any rifle scope, particularly long-range scope. Ensure to choose a lens that provides a clear view of your target whether on low or on high magnifications. Remember the clear the target is the accurate the shot. Also, the clear the lens the easier it is to read the wind speed.

Ensure to examine the scopes properly and compare their view so that you pick the best.

Most importantly, ensure to buy from brands that provide high-quality lenses that are ideal for any range. You can read reviews to know more about this.

Variable or Fixed Magnification

Variable magnification means it can be adjusted whereas fixed magnification does not allow for adjustment settings. You will see a scope that is 3-9x40mm which means at 3x, the target is magnified 3 times than when viewing with a naked eye magnified 9 times. 40mm is the width of the objective lens. In that case, it is a variable magnification which means the power can be adjusted between 3x and 9x so you can shoot both short and long distances precisely. Your best bet would be variable scopes.

Wrapping It Up

Getting the best rifle scope is not easy but is possible. The selection process is made more complicated since there are plenty of factors to consider and a plethora of options to choose from. We hope these guidelines will help you choose the best rifle scope for your needs.

Article Written By; Mira Gates