May 27, 2024



The GameXtractor is a Canadian made product engineered by avid hunters to deliver an effective and efficient hunting solution. Its an Ideal accessory to extract deer and other game out of the woods!

I don’t know if its me getting older or what, but I don’t like dragging deer as much as I did when I was a kid. I don’t think I liked it to much back then but I didn’t have a choice. Now we do. Its fairly common for most hunters to have some sort of off road type vehicle like a 4 wheeler or even a jacked up golf cart. With all of these all terrain tools of joy come more and more accessories to make our time using them easier.  This review is of one of those that makes dragging a deer or other large game back to the truck as easy as you can get.

Its Durable aluminum welded design, with a weight capacity of  550 lbs or 250 Kg, has been proven to  handle many demanding field hunting situations.

GameXtractor inserts into a 2″ receiver, making it a perfect fit for your ATV.

Never again be stuck in the bush with no way to retrieve your trophy buck.  The GameXtractor allows one hunter to easily extract large game – saving time, energy and their back.

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