July 15, 2024

Firearms are a good investment when it comes to protecting yourself and your family, as well as a great means for providing food. However, in today’s world, crime rates are soaring, and break-ins, as well as firearm-related injuries, are becoming commonplace. More than likely, you have a lock on your front door, or maybe even a home security system. What about your firearms? Exposed firearms are not only susceptible to theft, but can be extremely dangerous if left in the reach of children. Below are four reasons a gun safe is a good investment for every person who owns firearms:

1. Safes make firearms less easily accessible.

In any situation, it is best to make sure that the only person able to access your firearms is you. In the case of a home invasion, the last thing you want is to have your own defenses used against you; with a proper standing safe, secured to the wall, would-be burglars have no way to access your firearms or remove them from your home. As well as keeping thieves at bay, a firearm safe with a key, number code, or fingerprint recognition is essential in preventing children from accessing firearms.

2. Safes prevent damage and degradation, as well as misfires.

Storing your guns in a safe can have many benefits, especially if you live in a humid climate. Left stored improperly, dirt and moisture in the air degrade the quality of a firearm over time. Rust and grime build up, along with corrosion, can shorten the life of your gun and make it difficult to use. Disassembling and cleaning your firearm, followed by oiling it, is recommended before storage in a safe to help ward off the effects of dirt and moisture the gun is exposed to when it is in use. A standing, wall-mounted safe can also prevent the misfiring of older weapons, which often defect when dropped or jostled.

3. Gun safes are extremely fire-resistant.

Safes are all about security in emergency and non-emergency situations; as well as providing protection and safe storage, safes are designed to withstand extremely high temperatures. As you might keep your important documents in a fireproof lockbox, it is a good idea to keep your firearms, small or large, in a fireproof safe. You can find a wide selection of fire rated gun safes under $500 online. In the instance of a fire in your home, knowing your belongings are protected gives you one less thing to worry about.

4. Storing ammunition in a safe extends its life.

The condition of your ammunition is just as important as the condition of your gun; left in an open area where moisture can seep in, ammunition can be ruined or, even worse, cause a malfunction when firing your weapon. The best place to store ammunition is in a properly lined safe, and as long as your firearms are not loaded, it is appropriate to store them in the same location.

When dealing with firearms and ammunition, safety is important; not only the safety of your firearms, but the safety of you and those around you. A safe can prevent the theft, misuse, and damage of your firearms, as well as provide a secure, dry place for ammunition storage; the benefits of owning one are obvious, and if you are the owner of one or more firearms, a safe may be your best purchase yet.