April 24, 2024
On occasion the Good Lord shares His wisdom to me through the outdoors! This past week I was given some great advice and wisdom from the Creator! It never seems to fail when you listen He is always speaking!
There is a certain place that I have ignored hunting because it was just to steep to climb! The truth be told it is because I was too lazy to climb! In the past after deer season I have climbed to the top of this hill to find the trees tore to pieces by bucks. I knew on top of this hill lurked a big buck or 2! I was either too lazy or just out of shape to face the mountain that held a prize at the top!
This year I told myself I am going to climb that hill and hunt. My plan was to hang a stand up on top where three old logging trails come together. So last week I climbed to the top and while looking for the perfect tree I jumped a great buck! I got the stand hung with the thoughts of shooting that buck this past Saturday the opener of early muzzle loader.
I got up super early and made it to the top of the mountain and in my stand well before daylight! It would be dark for at least another hour or so. While I set in the darkness enjoying the silence the Lord bestowed some wisdom!
I would have never climbed up that mountain if I was not in shape! I would have not been in shape if I had not decided to train for and run a marathon. You would have never gotten to read about my mountain if I had never called Tracy and asked him to give me a chance to write.
We all face Mountains from time to time! There is always a reward at the top. It’s all in how we face our Mountains! I remember when I called Tracy and asked him if I could write a column. I hated to write and what would people think! That Mountain is a big part of my life now. The reward for writing is getting to meet the wonderful readers and share what I love! I never ever thought I would run a marathon.  The marathon mountain has given me confidence and strengthened my faith!
I wish I could have ended this column with the story with big buck down. Well I did not see the buck at the top of the mountain Saturday morning! I know he is there and I plan on making the climb several more times this season. I might not ever see the buck again that I jumped a week ago! It’s better to have faced that mountain and have a chance than to not try at all.
The things I have learned when a mountain stands in your way. Always look forward and not back! Always look up and not down! I CAN do all things through Christ that strengthens me!

Until next time get out and enjoy Gods creation!