July 24, 2024
children hunting

Written by of TuffKidsOutdoors.com

If we spend all of our time and money preserving wildlife and habitat but neglect to recruit and retain a future generation of outdoorsmen……. we have failed. Gino Attardi, Founder of Tomorrow’s Hunter

I could not agree more, for all the effort this nation puts into maintaining sustainable hunting opportunities, we should be putting equal effort into bringing youth “Into the Fold” as outdoor author Christine Cunningham so eloquently described in her book “Women Hunting Alaska”.

Seeing children experience great wilderness adventures is what we here at Tuff Kids Outdoors live for. The smiles, the excitement of being there and being involved is so worth it.


Did you know that funding for wildlife conservation programs comes almost exclusively from hunters? In addition, conservation organizations such as the Boone and Crocket Club, Ruffed Grouse Society, Wild Sheep Foundation, the Safari Club, and many others provide millions of dollars annually to support conservation programs.

Tuff Kids Outdoors would like to encourage as many family-friendly trips this fall as possible. Help children learn about and understand the intricacies of the ecosystem around them. Teach them the difference between softwoods and hardwoods, grasses and forbs, what berries are edible and what different animals need for shelter, space, cover and food. Putting wild game in the freezer is a rewarding opportunity. To share that with children is incredibly fulfilling.


To ensure a strong, knowledgeable, and respectful upcoming generation, we need to take them outdoors now. Need waterproof gear, check out some of our solutions. We are continually working to expand our inventory to help meet more of your family’s needs going forward.

As hunting season is fast approaching, we would like to take this opportunity to encourage hunters to involve their children, no matter their age. There are short trips, easy hunts that you can make happen to get your kids out there. These may not be the most successful trips in terms of harvesting, but they will be some of your most memorable.

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