June 18, 2024
Press Release
Chamber-View® Increases Shooter & Observer Safety with Release of New Product Designed for AR Type Modern Sporting Rifles
MERRIMACK, NH (October 2013) – Chamber-View®, innovators behind the highly visual firearms safety products, is pleased to announce the introduction of the AR Type Chamber-View® safety block, available in November for purchase through Brownells.com and in stores. The AR Type Chamber-View® safety block is designed to fit most AR style rifles accepting .223 caliber, 5.56mm and 6.8mm SPC ammunition. Future Chamber-View® models to be introduced will be compatible for AR/AK Type MSRs in 7.62mm, .308 and .30 calibers.

Made of 100% silicone, the AR Type Chamber-View® safety block provides instant recognition that a firearm is safe by indicating a fully open action to surrounding shooters, personnel and observers.  Not only does it enhance the safety of the shooter by aiding against accidental closings of the action, the Chamber-View® product line also helps preserve firearm performance by preventing elements from contaminating the ejector port, magazine and barrel.

The AR Type Chamber-View® safety block has a long service life and is minimally affected by weather extremes. It is also flexible and resilient across a wide range of temperatures. Designed to be finger friendly with an enhanced comfort and feel in mind, the AR Type Chamber-View® safety block won’t scratch surfaces and has excellent sealing properties against environmental elements. Available in highly visible Blaze Orange, the AR Type Chamber-View® safety block is also water repellant, heat resistant and is chemically resistant to a wide range of gun cleaning solvents.