April 22, 2024


Best Survival Tips in the Wilderness. Being alone in the wilderness can bring about panic attacks to an individual. The thought of getting lost alone and with no one for rescue can be devastating. In this situation, however, it is good that one should know all the dangers of wilderness. Additionally, you will need to learn how to utilize the few survival gear you have until you are rescued. In this article, we discuss few wilderness survival skills and  survival tips that will help you out in case you are lost in the wilderness.


It is important that before you leave your house, at least inform another person about your intended destination. It does not really matter where you go but having told a family member can, indeed, save your life. This is usually when your plan is to visit isolated places such as the wilderness or forest for camping. Anything might happen during your trip. For instance, you can end up stranded unexpectedly, but since you had left information about your routes, you will, at least, have someone to get you rescued.

Keep Your Head On

In a case where you are lost in the wild, it is better that you relax and think positive. Staying calm will contribute widely to your survival. This is because hopefulness goes along away. For example, in such situation, you may feel scared and alone but with the right attitude and will, your chances of survival are high. The best way is to be in your best mental state. Also, take a good use of your surroundings by observing and making plans. Building a fire can be a good idea as it can help you send signals to a passing plane for rescue. If nothing is working, it is advisable that you take it slow to avoid panic. Breathe in and out as you think of an alternative way out.

Build a Shelter

Since you are lost in the jungle, it is now time that you have to be creative. No one might come to your rescue and now you have to stay out for the night. For these reasons, since you cannot spend the night out in the cold, you will have no option but to learn how to build a shelter. In this case, you will need a temporary overhead covering shelter. This is usually better for warmth and protection. You can fix your shelter with limbs and leaves in case you are in rocky areas. For bedding, using thick batches of blankets is commendable, as they are an outstanding option.

Seek Help

A lost person’s first priority, usually, is surviving, nonetheless, one needs to also be rescued. When found in such scenario, it is crucial that you come up with an action plan that can save you. For instance, there could be a plane flying over or rescue teams nearby. To catch their attention, prepare a giant fire in an open so as to send help signals with the smoke. Other options that have, with time, proved to work include using a shiny metallic object for reflection and laying stone in patterns of help amongst others.


For extra survival tips, check on various books and online instruction posts such as www.survivalenvy.com. they offer great guides that you can read to perfect your survival skills. Additionally, it is better if you can decide to practice these skills by yourself while out into the fields. This enables you to be stronger and aware of what to do in case you are lost in the wilderness.