May 20, 2024

The relatively recent UTV craze has sparked all matter of talks. From new fans to old enthusiasts, each has a lot to say about this type of vehicle. After all, it’s got a lot going for it, and there are numerous notable brands working on new models seemingly every year.

However, you might be wondering why exactly did UTVs become so popular seemingly overnight. Well, there are a couple of reasons. So let’s take a look at the facts that make this machine desirable and the misconceptions that people have about it.


Let’s do some digging:

1. A UTV Is For More Than Mere Fun

With a UTV, you can go hunting, work on your farm, ride trails, and carry heavy cargo easily. There are simply a lot of accessories available for UTVs that enhance their abilities tenfold. For example, you can take a look at these Honda Talon accessories just to get an idea of how much stuff you can get for it.

2. UTVs Come In Different Sizes And Are Built For Different Purposes

While a UTV is versatile on its own, you might want to focus on certain tasks instead of others. Fear not, for you can get a UTV that is a master of work, for example, and a jack of all trades for the rest of the stuff that you can do with a UTV.

To give you a better idea when you’re ready to buy a UTV, UTVs usually come in these categories:

  • Sports UTVs
  • Utility UTVs
  • Sport Utility UTVs

3. UTVs Can Carry Multiple Passengers

The problem with ATVs is that they usually carry only the driver. Very few of them can carry the driver and one passenger. However, a UTV can carry up to four people most of the time, and some UTV models can even carry up to 6 people. That’s more than even an SUV can carry!

4. A UTV Offers More Safety Than An ATV

Think about it for a second. What does an ATV lack from the get-go? That’s right, a roll cage! And it has no seatbelts. Not only that, but a UTV also has doors and headlights, plus you can equip it with a windshield and rearview mirrors to your liking.

5. The Power-to-Weight Ratio Is Outstanding

UTVs have a smaller footprint than larger vehicles, which makes them almost as easy to store and transport as an ATV Las Vegas. The smaller footprint also allows them to have smaller engines but still maintain a great power to weight ratio which will allow them to go faster and move through tighter spaces.

6. Excellent Suspension Travel

UTVs can absorb impressive energy when riding through rough terrain. They’re comparable to some of the most heavy-duty trucks out there, including the phenomenal Ford Raptor. While it won’t glide through rough terrain, it will be able to handle it with surprising ease.


Now let’s see where people get it wrong regarding UTVs:

1. UTVs Are Too Expensive for the Average Joe

This misconception is somewhat based in reality but it ignores a few facts. For a start, only a handful of UTVs have an exaggerated price tag. You can find cheaper models as well, and if you get a second-hand UTV, you’ll be paying half that price.

2. UTVs Aren’t Meant for Families

On the contrary, a UTV can carry quite a few passengers, so it’s a perfect vehicle for an off-road trip with your family. Otherwise, you can also make it street-legal if you want a short road trip. Ask your local DMV for details regarding this.

3. Driving a UTV Is Difficult

Well, it kind of is, but it’s not as difficult as many make it out to be. You can sign up for basic driving courses and you’ll see just how well you’ll get the hang of it.

The Bottom Line

Wanna buy a UTV? Well, now you know all the reasons why. Make sure to leave us a comment regarding any other questions you might have about this type of vehicle.