December 9, 2022
Best Long Range Rifle

If you are trying to find the best long range rifle, you are in luck! Check out our list here of some fantastic options you can choose from.

It’s your happy place. Sitting out in the woods with a couple of your closest buddies waiting for a deer or a turkey to come into view. Everyone’s excitement whenever someone gets a hit is intoxicating!

Most people who hunt (and plenty of people who don’t) collect guns at home. Recent studies show that  43% of Americans say they live in a household with at least one gun.

But, guns aren’t cheap! How do you know which rifle is the best long range rifle to buy?

We scoured the market and ran some tests to figure it out for you. Keep reading to see which long range rifles made our top 7!

Which Is the Best Long Range Rifle on the Market?

When it comes to firearms, you often get what you pay for. If you try to look for the cheapest option, you’ll notice the difference when you shoot it. Here are some of the best kinds of long range rifles on the market right now.

1. Ruger Precision Rifle

This rifle is a pretty good price when you consider how awesome it is! The Ruger Precision rifle can use many of the accessories from the AR rifles including the stock. That means the Precision Rifle has awesome customizable capabilities for those who like a personalized gun.

With the amazing adjustability, proven track record, and attractive price point, the Ruger Precision Rifle is a great starter gun!

2. Winchester Model 70 Alaskan Bolt Action Rifle

If you love the old fashioned look of a wooden rifle, but you want the modern technology, this is your weapon. The Winchester Model 70 is simple but effective because it packs a powerful punch and has well-engineered sights. Add in the fact that this gun can take a few knocks and keep shooting, you can’t go wrong with this gun!

3. Browning AB3 Hunter

Another classic looking long range rifle, the Browning AB3 has more than a few fans. Browning guns have a proven track record of good shooting and it won’t knock you on your butt either! This is also a lightweight rifle, so it’s good for younger hunters or those who get arm fatigue.

4. Daniel Defense Delta 5

This rifle looks aggressive like the ones soldiers use in combat. For this price point, the Daniel Defense Delta 5 has superior specifications and amazing quality! Not only that, but the caliber selection is quite impressive.

5. Bushmaster Firearms BA50 Rifle

Bushmaster built this rifle to last and designed for aftermarket add-ons and sights. Long-time fans of the brand say that this is the best Bushmaster product out of a very wide range of guns!

6. Ruger American Predator Bolt Action Rifle

If you need Excellent optics, this is a great option for the low price. The Ruger Predator Bolt has clean lines and an even smoother shot. Keep in mind that this gun shoots best for midrange, but not so good at very long range shots.

7. Mossberg Patriot Night Train III

This rifle boasts amazing durability, but it doesn’t look well designed or clean. The good news is that all the bulk has a purpose. The Mossberg Patriot Night Train comes with all the attachments you could want right out of the factory!

How to Shoot a Long Range Rifle

Here are some good tips to help you learn how to shoot a long range rifle. Remember, research and reading about long range shooting is a good start, but its no replacement for practice.

Shoot With a Dirty Gun

Don’t clean your rifles for about 200 to 300 rounds and see how much smoother it shoots. Or, try leaving your rifle dirty for the whole hunting season if you’re more of a weekend hunter.

Squeeze the Trigger Between Breaths

Most snipers shoot their weapons during that brief respiratory pause before you take another breath. Try taking three deep breaths then, after you let all the air out with that last exhale, there’s a short pause before you take the next breath. During this pause is when you want to squeeze the trigger.

Follow Through

The old saying “pull the trigger” won’t get you a good shot. You should aim for a slow, steady squeeze until the bullet leaves the chamber. Make sure to follow through and release the trigger nice and slow after your shot has fired.

It’s like swinging a baseball bat at a ball, you want to swing through the ball, not until you connect.

Blend in With Your Surroundings

Of course, you don’t want to do this at the gun range, but when you’re out hunting, try to blend to the surroundings. Not only do you want your potential kill to see you, but you should also mask your scent as well. If you’re well hidden enough, animals will come much closer to you, making it easier to get a hit.

Check the Weather

Not only should you check the weather before you leave for your hunting trip, but you should also check the winds often as you hunt. Wind direction and speed are never consistent, so be sure you know how to adjust your aim to compensate for that.

Learn to Read the Kickback

When you shoot anything bigger than a .308, the way the gun recoils will tell you if you’re doing anything wrong. You want the gun to come straight back into you after the bullet leaves the chamber and the scope should fall right back on the target. If that’s not the case, make micro corrections to get your form right.

Go Wild for a While… Get Outdoors!

With the right gun, any man or woman can learn to hunt well. Try to buy the best long range rifle you can afford and practice with that gun at the gun range. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll feel as comfortable hunting as any outdoorsman!

Keep in mind that guns do serious damage to people, property, and anything else you may hit with a bullet. Gun safety should always be the first thing you focus on whenever you have a loaded gun in your hands.

We hope you loved reading this article and that you learned a few things about the best kinds of long range rifles on the market. If you need more information about guns, hunting, fishing, or any other outdoor activity, check out the rest of our blogs today!