November 28, 2022
utv hunting accessories

There is no doubt that beginner or seasoned hunters learned the benefits of using a UTV for their hunting needs. These vehicles are technological works of art when it comes to getting you to your destination through thick forests, steep mountaintops, challenging terrains, mud, rocks, and so on. UTVs for hunting is not a new sight. However, what is important when you get such a vehicle is to realize it needs some aftermarket tuning. While a bare-bone UTV allows you to reach remote and even dangerous areas, you need to consider UTV hunting accessories to add a better, safer, and more comfortable experience. So let’s see today some of the most popular UTV hunting accessories to turn your off-road vehicle into the perfect hunting tool!

1. Overhead Gun Racks

One of the things that can make hunting easier and more successful is having your guns ready, no matter the circumstance. If you are a bowhunter, most UTV aftermarket accessories sell bow racks as well, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Quick-draw gun racks allow you to carry two hunting weapons for you and your hunting partner (if you have one). As you can easily imagine, UTVs do not go out of the factory with pre-installed hunting accessories, so make sure you get some from specialized shops. When you look for overhead gun racks, make sure the items will fit your UTV’s make and model.

2. Cargo Tailgate/Other Cargo Parts

The very principle behind a UTV is that it can carry more people and more cargo than an ATV. However, such a vehicle’s versatility and huge popularity lie with the opportunities they offer users regarding heavy loads. If you want to bring home a full carcass, you need to consider the UTVs cargo bed and the options you have to improve it.

Most UTVs for hunting already come packed with helpful features. From extensible beds and massive cargo boxes, these vehicles invite you to hunt for a bigger game. Nevertheless, if you chose a sportier UTV, such as a Honda Talon, for all your off-road and hunting trips, you should get a cargo tailgate for it. Among all Honda Talon accessories, the tailgate is the most popular. It helps you close off the open-ended cargo bed for greater storage capacity, a feature you can use for any work, not just hunting.

For open-ended beds, you may also want to consider straps or tie-downs to secure your load. Throw in some extra storage boxes as well while you are shopping; you might need them for carrying your camping gear, ammo, other hunting accessories, food supplies, extra lighting, and so on.

3.  Windshields and Doors

Hunters who live off their skill do not afford to take a prolonged vacation when the weather starts cooling off. If you hunt during winter, a windshield is a crucial aftermarket part to add to your UTV. It will protect you from cold air, snow, rain, icy forest branches, insects, and so on.

Most utility terrain vehicles do not feature windshields and doors as they come out of the factory lines. Some models do not even come with a rooftop, so choose wisely. You can add such parts afterward to turn your hunting experience into a relaxing and safe activity regardless of the season.

Most aftermarket UTV parts shops sell windshields, hard rooftops, and solid doors to hunters, farmers, etc., who want to improve their experiences and make the most out of their vehicles.

4. Snow Plows

Speaking of hunting in any season, a UTV snow plow is a crucial element to maximize your hunting efforts while improving your safety. Consider a snow attachment for winter days at home as well. If you have to remove snow from a long driveway, a parking lot, or your food plot, a UTV is always the best vehicle to use for such heavy tasks.

The good news is that most UTV manufacturers and aftermarket parts’ sellers considered plowing, so you will find compatible snow plows for almost all UTV makes and models. Whether you use a Polaris RZR, a Kawasaki Mule, or an Arctic Cat, you will find suitable plow kits in the pro shops.

5. Winch

If you ever used any vehicle on your hunting trips, you know you got stuck a time or two, and it was nothing fun or easy. When it comes to UTVs, you don’t need a winch until you need one. Adding a pro winch on the front of your UTV will help you get out of a messy situation in no time. When it comes to using a winch with your side-by-side, remember it is there to help you move the game and remove branches out of your way as well.

Buying a winch for your UTV requires some knowledge and some homework. If you go hunting across difficult terrains, look for one in the 4000 lb. range or higher.

Other UTV Accessories to Boost Your Hunting Experience

Before we leave you with your shopping list, we want to add a few more UTV accessories to factor in when you prepare your vehicle for your next hunting trip. We are sure you already own some of them, but a recap never hurts.

·         Extra LED lights. Most UTVs feature headlights, but if you do most of your hunting at night or in mountainous areas, extra lights for better open field scanning or detail analysis are an excellent investment;

·         Radios and communication systems. If you hunt in a large party, keeping in touch with your group members is vital. Find shops selling radio systems, GPS trackers, and other communication devices, as all such items contribute to your safety and an overall much pleasurable hunting experience;

·         Safety gear. Invest in high-quality helmets, gloves, goggles, and apparel. You can even find camouflage UTV clothes and accessories that allow you to blend in, while keeping you insulated, comfortable, and safe no matter when or where you hunt.

Bottom Line

Do you use other UTV hunting accessories? Can you share your opinions on some of the most popular aftermarket parts dedicated to hunters? We know the community would love to hear your thoughts on the matter! And, if we’re here, why don’t you tell us what UTV you are riding in your hunting trips and what upgrades you performed on it!