December 4, 2022
Australia camping

Australia’s intense passion for camping goes back a long way. This is partly because Aussies love nature and the vast country has some of the most beautiful campsites in the world. According to statistics released by Tourism Research Australia, the camping economy experienced a growth of 3.5% in the first quarter of 2018 from a year earlier. That’s more than 6 million local and foreign tourists packing their camping gear to experience Australia’s great outdoors.

Australia and camping: An ongoing love affair

Camping will always be Australian’s favorite way of spending their weekends and holidays. The beauty of these activities is that they offer something for every demographic. Whether you are a small family trying to explore the outback, a young couple attempting bushwalking for the first time, or a group of friends enjoying the perks of ‘glamping’, camping offers a bonding experience like no other.

Whilst the very soul of camping remains the same, the when, where, and how have somewhat changed over the years. Gone are the days when campers needed to strip their gear to bare necessities. Nowadays, it’s normal to bring a 160w-solar panel system to power either your tent or caravan. This makes modern camping a lot more appealing to young campers, particularly millennials. In fact, market experts revealed that the caravan and camping industry’s current net worth reached $19 billion, representing more than 4.5% increase from its value in 2014.

The main reason that camping appeals to most Aussies is that domestic travel is a lot cheaper than taking an international flight. Besides, the country is considered one of the biggest land masses in the world and there are a lot of interesting local sights that even natural-born Aussies have never seen before.

The evolution of camping: Then vs now

When people talk about camping, they are mostly thinking about the traditional tent camping. Whilst tent camping is still very much alive, it has evolved in ways that set it apart from the basic camping veteran campers knew, say, 20 years ago. Here are some key differences between camping then and now.

1. Modern camping does not necessarily involve a tent anymore

Believe it or not, there are other types of camping aside from pitching a tent. Backpacking, hiking, adventure/survivalist camping, canoe camping, RV or caravanning, and glamping are just some of the activities you can do when you are in the wild. Whilst tent camping is still the best option for families with small kids, it wouldn’t hurt to try out other types of camping as they all offer a unique experience.

2. Camping is not just about sleeping in the woods anymore

Most campers plan their trips to accommodate other activities like hunting, fishing, kayaking, photography, or bushwalking. This means bringing other equipment that is not necessarily connected to camping but can increase your level of fun outdoors. Some campsites go the extra distance and offer amenities like a queen inflatable high mattress and Wi-Fi connection.

The idea is to make camping easy, comfortable, and appealing, most especially for new and young campers who are not used to roughing it up in the wild.

3. You don’t need to learn special survival skills to camp

Most beginner campers have the misconception that they need to learn special skills like hunting/trapping animals for food or learning to start a fire with just a kindle and wood. Whilst survival skills like this can be useful in the real world, they are not mandatory for you to enjoy or survive the great outdoors these days.

In addition, not all people are suitable for the ‘survivalist’ type of camping. This is true, not only for beginner campers but also for older people who enjoy being close to nature. For this reason, most modern campers bring camper accessories like a portable shower, kitchen, and spa to make their trip a bit more comfortable than the traditional camping.

Some even opt to drive either an RV or caravan instead of setting up tents to protect them better from the elements (i.e. bad weather, insects, and other creepy crawlies, etc.). It’s like bringing your very own mobile home in the midst of the forest.

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