November 27, 2022
cooler liner

Have you ever realized just before going camping, traveling, or fishing that your cooler is dingy and not looking like it used too? Pretty annoying! If only there was a way to keep those coolers spotless and sanitary so that you can get your monies worth out of them?

Well, there is! My name is Gordy, I’m the founder of All-In Liner, and I have something that will solve all your problems.

All-In Liner sells – you guessed it – plastic liners found exclusively in our store, perfect for the fish you catch, the food you pack, the beverages you drink along with your ice. Made from 2.5 mil flexible blended plastic, they’re durable, easy to install, and easy to remove. Simply position and then apply the adhesive of the liner around the edge of your cooler. Never take a camping or fishing trip again and have to come back home to scrub your cooler. Don’t forget if you need a liner for anything you can use our calculator located on our website. Just put in the interior dimensions of any product and the calculator will let you know if we have a liner that will work for you. Made in the USA!

You have fun; we’ll take care of the mess. Order your liners now!