November 30, 2022
Camping Essentials
Camping Essentials

Camping is a seriously epic experience. Sleeping under the stars, listening to the cowls and howls of nocturnal birds and beasts, and feeling the fresh earth beneath your back is an ethereal, otherworldly experience for many in our day.

However, not everyone enjoys sleeping under the stars with the earth (and bugs) beneath their back. Some people want to get that taste of nature, but would prefer to do it in a more moderate way.

This complete list of camping essentials is intended for those folks; the ones who want to go camping, but haven’t done it too many times before and don’t want to overdo it. This list will help them to feel at home even in the wild.

So, the first thing you’re going to need is a tent. Really, this is necessary for almost all campers, in case of rain or snow or ferocious fanged creatures looming in the distance. Before taking along your tent, check it out inside and see if its the right size to fit everyone.

Another important thing to take along is a sleeping bag, cot or air mattress with a blanket and pillow. Even if it’s supposed to be hitting eighty degrees in the daytime, since temperatures can go down up to twenty degrees at night, it’s a smart idea to bring along a sleeping bag so that you’re covered just in case.

If you choose to bring an air mattress, try blowing it up before you leave on your camping trip, just to ensure that it doesn’t have any little holes.

Find out if the place you’re camping in has a bathroom. If it doesn’t, there are commodes designed for seniors which can also be taken along on a camping trip. Either way, don’t forget about toiletries.

Unless you plan to have a fire cackling strong whenever you need a little bit of light, be sure to take along a flashlight. It’ll provide you with the visibility you’ll need.

Don’t forget the bug-repellant, anti-itch creams, and allergy medications. You may also want to bring along bottled water.

Do you plan on making a campfire? If you do, then don’t forget about getting together campfire supplies, such a matches, dry newspaper, and dry firewood!

Another important thing to take along with you is a first aid kit, in case anyone gets hurt. Cuts and bruises do occur on camping trips, so it’s wise to come prepared.

And, most importantly, find a great camping place and be prepared for a wonderful, fabulously fun time!