December 5, 2022

Trail cameras have reduced the human impact of scouting, but not eliminated it. The LINK-S-DARK from SPYPOINT offers hunters all the scouting information they could hope for while doing more to limit intrusion than any other trail camera before it.

As part of the LTE-network connected LINK series from SPYPOINT, the LINK-S-DARK transfers photos out by the cellular network in the area so you can stop making disruptive weekly trips to pull cards so you can see what is happening via the free SPYPOINT app. If you aren’t making trips that often you may be avoiding disrupting game, but you aren’t able to keep your pulse on what is happening in the woods. Now you don’t have to choose between limiting intrusion and getting your scouting information.

Not only that, the LINK-S-DARK uses the integrated solar panel and lithium battery technology, available only from SPYPOINT, that extends battery life further than you ever imagined. No need to buy batteries, and certainly no need to visit the camera to change them when the solar panel keeps the lithium battery charged and your camera running for months on end.

The HIT (Hybrid Illumination Technology) flash system further reduces the pressure on game by allowing you to select one of four flash settings, including the invisible no-glow setting to keep the camera all but undetectable to deer or other animals.

That doesn’t even take into account that the LINK-S-DARK is also equipped with the fastest trigger speed available, a blistering 0.07 of a second, so fewer animals are missed, and more photos your camera takes deliver valuable scouting information that can help you be successful this season.

“This is about making every hunter better, and making their hunting season more productive than ever,” said Dusty Altman, Brand Director for SPYPOINT. “Scouting is a disruptive process. Trail cameras have reduced that disruption, but not eliminated it. The LINK-S-DARK is the biggest step towards a disruption-free scouting season the industry has ever seen.”

Eliminating disruption might not be the goal for every hunter, but when hunting mature bucks, any intrusion is going to count against you. The LINK-S-DARK removes as many disruption points as possible from the scouting process. Because the two biggest reasons to visit the camera, card pulls and battery maintenance, have been removed, you don’t have to sacrifice knowing what is happening in the area for the sake of leaving it undisturbed.


  • Trigger Speed – 0.07 second
  • Flash Range – 80 feet
  • Detection Range – 100 feet
  • Modes – Photo, Multi-Shot, Time-Lapse, HD Video

Like all other SPYPOINT cellular trail cameras, the LINK-S-DARK is available in two carrier models. Because photo transmission plans are managed in the SPYPOINT mobile app and purchased directly from SPYPOINT, hunters can select the carrier model that offers the best, most reliable cellular signal in the area they are hunting instead of being forced to purchase a camera based on their personal cell phone carrier. Activation is simple and can be completed in minutes, from the comfort of your home, without visiting a cellular provider’s store.

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