November 30, 2022


New Professional Steel Scope Rings and Mounts, and New AR-Style Cantilever Mounts Expand Already Impressive Lineup  

Hawke® Optics, the leader in high-quality, high-value precision sporting optics and accessories, adds new scope mounts and rings to an already impressive lineup. The new Professional Steel and AR Cantilever Mounts and Rings will give you rock-solid accuracy for all of your shooting needs.

The best scopes in the world are only as good as the rings and mounts used to connect them to the rifle. As the makers of some of the finest sporting optics on the planet, Hawke Optics knows a thing or two about precision. That’s why they have added two new lines to their already impressive lineup of scope mounts and rings. The Professional Steel Scope Rings and Mounts have reversible Weaver rail mounting options and dual Torx-head screws. The rings include both quickrelease levers and hex nuts for fastening, giving you multiple options for how you mount your optic. Solid steel construction means you get an unwavering mount. The Professional Steel Series comes in 1-inch and 30mm ring sizes, with low, medium, high and extra-high mounting options.

For AR-style rifles and platforms with a flat top rail mount, Hawke has added two new one-piece, high-mount Cantilever scope mounts, in a 1-inch and a 30mm option. These scope mounts have a 2-inch offset and measure one inch from the rail to the bottom of the scope ring. The rings use triple Torx screws for optimal strength and the entire mount is made from high-grade, machined aluminum.

These two new options add to Hawke’s impressive line of precision scope mounting options that has now grown to 79 different skus, including 1-inch, 30mm and 34mm rings and multiple heights and types of mounts. There is a Hawke ring and mount combination to meet the needs of every shooter. Whatever optic you choose, Hawke has the right way to mount it to your firearm. For more information, go to the Hawke Optics website

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