November 26, 2022


Paddle Into Serious Fishing Action Safeguarding and Organizing All of Your Important Gear and More

Kayak fishing allows anglers to reach some of the most under-fished and remote waters. This also means they’re packing in all of their important gear into a tight, sometimes unstable space, which could equate to a higher probability of loss overboard during use, as well as a complete yard sale when mis-calculating the surf entry. Prevent loss of your kayak fishing gear as well as keep your boat organized and tangle free with Gear Keeper’s new line of quality Yak Tethers, built to safeguard and organize when using your paddles, nets, pliers and more.

Secure your net or gaff to your kayak with Gear Keeper’s new Locking Net/Gaff Retractor. Allowing for 57” total reach extension and a high retraction force (12oz.), feel confident that you’ll not only be able use your net as usual when you need it, it’ll retract back for safekeeping. With such tight quarters, gear can easily become an entangled mess. Gear Keeper’s quality retractable mechanism minimizes entanglement, which means no lengthy cords or straps will get tangled with other gear or caught in fishhooks.

Gear Keeper’s new Locking Rod Leash Retractor is simply the best way to secure your rod while kayak fishing. The unit helps to minimize entanglement with no cords or straps to tangle or catch on hooks, while a low 7oz. retraction force provides a low retraction force safety tether without hindering full mobility and use of the rod while fishing or fighting a fish. Its unique locking feature allows the retractor to be locked in at an extra long 57” extension, so you can keep on fishing without fear of losing your rod to the open waters. The retractor can also be locked in at any position to eliminate the very low retraction force if desired.

Avoid jumping overboard after your paddle with Gear Keeper’s next new Yak Tether, the Gear Keeper Elastic Rod/Paddle Leash. Built with both high strength and high stretch, the paddle leash is long in length (68” extended, 42” retracted) which allows for ample amount of stretch allowing for hassle-free use of your rod or paddle while it remains safely connected to your kayak. Its extra long extension allows you to paddle hard without the leash hindering use. Two attachment options are included (lanyard or Velcro® strap) which both can interchangeably connect directly to your rod or paddle thanks to a convenient side release attachment. Tether your pedal drive, bait box, tackle box and more with the new Yak Tether Elastic Gear Tether Leash. Compact and high strength, the leash extends to 49” and is 27” when retracted. It features a rotating brass bolt which attaches easily to the kayak anchoring points or D-rings.

Having a good, quality pair of pliers handy when kayak fishing is essential. After losing a pair or two (or three or four) to the open waters, it’s understandable why many kayak anglers are forced to switch to lower quality pliers. When it comes to keeping your quality pliers safely tethered and ready for use, look no further than Gear Keeper’s Pliers Safety Tether. With a longer full-arms reach extension (42”), and a high breaking strength with a very low 3oz. retraction force, you can lay your pliers down or store in a holder knowing they’ll be exactly where you need them, when you need them. Thanks to this handy tether, kayak anglers can now use quality pliers without fear of losing them. Each unit comes with either Snap Clip or Velcro Strap mounting options.