November 30, 2022

The last few years, there seems to be a trend with a lot of states.  They are adding and extending deer seasons.  Why is that?  Most hunters in most of these states will claim that their whitetail herd is diminishing.  I know here is Illinois, that is the case.  Hunters are seeing less deer.  Hunters are seeing less quality deer.  So what do a lot of these states do, they add seasons and make it easier for hunters to take more and more game.  

Just recently I read that Ohio has just added a early OCTOBER muzzleloader season for does only.   You can read about it more at HERE.  Personally I have mixed feelings about a season like this.  On one hand, I think a doe season is needed in certain areas where population control is really needed.  Also if you were to have a doe only season, I think October is the best time to do it.  Maybe even late September.  It also gives another opportunity to get your kids out and hunt in nice weather.  But, you will find a lot of hunters will be against it because they don’t want it interfering with their archery hunting.  Bow hunters are very protective of their time in the woods.  October is archery time and most want to keep it that way.

So why do these states keep adding seasons, adding permits and just making it easier and easier for hunting to kill more and more deer?  Well, I have my reasons and I personally don’t think it has anything to do with anything related to the environment.  They see an extra revenue stream and they will drain it for all its worth.  They know that the mighty Whitetail is a big money item and they think that its a renewable resource.  But just like that back yard oil well that made you rich that one year, it can dry up in a hurry and I am afraid some of our state governments will do that to our deer and wildlife in general.

Some of you are lucky enough to live in states that have a separate governments that controls all of your wildlife and they actually care about your natural resources.  Others live in states like mine, Illinois, where your state government controls everything and feel that their natural resources is just a bank to pay for everything else.  You know, like the Bed & Breakfast of a jail that our last two governors are currently residing and where I imagine our current one will be eventually.

We as hunters have to take it on ourselves to control our wildlife.  Manage your herd and manage your land.  Don’t use the hundred permits your states let you have just because they are there.  Unless you really have a population problem.  If that’s the case, then call me.  I need the meat.