December 1, 2022


Level Up Your Archery Practice with a Lifelike 3D Roe Deer in Your Range

Janesville, WI — Archery target innovator Rinehart Targets® has expanded its lifelike Competition Series to include a new 3D target that has European bowhunters cheering. The new Roe Deer Target combines realistic sculpting with the company’s renowned selfhealing foam for an exciting new addition to any backyard range. Whether you’re an avid roebuck hunter or gearing up for your European hunt of a lifetime, you’re going to want one of these targets on hand to hone your shooting skills.

“The new Roe Deer is specifically a target our European customers have been requesting for some time now, and we’re excited to fill this gap with a quality roebuck that is an incredible replica of the real thing,” said James McGovern, President of Rinehart Targets. “The new Roe Deer is completely molded from nose to tail from our Signature Series self-healing foam, which means bowhunters can trust they are getting the quality of a Rinehart that will last countless seasons of shooting fun,” he added.

The new Roe Deer Target measures 48-inches tall and 36-inches long as it stands in alert position with multiple scoring rings available to measure shooting precision. No attention to detail was missed on this deer to ensure it mimics the real animal from the quality painted animal hair to the roe deer’s unique coloring.

The Roe Deer is meticulously molded completely from Rinehart’s Signature self-healing foam, which means it can take beatings from broadheads and field points – and arrows pull out easily without tearing or breaking the target. Of course, if seasons of shooting practice finally take its toll, the target features a patented replaceable core insert where a new Signature Series core can pop right in making the target like new again (sold separately). Like all Competition Series targets, the new Roe Deer is also weatherproof and UV resistant, which means you can leave it out in the yard all summer thru the winter months and it’ll stand strong ready for your next shooting session.

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