November 27, 2022


Add more Challenge and Fun to Your Practice Session with this
Smaller 3D Animal Target

Janesville, WI — No one does quality, fun and unique archery targets quite like Rinehart Targets®. From their larger-than-life sasquatch to their panda posed perfectly on the brim of a trash can – Rinehart not only works hard to ensure these animals look like the real thing, the company incorporates only quality materials that set them apart. Adding to the brand’s long list of smaller target animals for more challenging shots is Rinehart’s newest Competition Series varmint target, the Armadillo.

While many may not see real life armadillos on the regular, shooting an arrow through these small-armored creatures during practice sessions is not only fun, but it’s also incredibly effective in delivering more challenging shots, honing shooting skills and helping archers achieve consistent accuracy when in the field or at the range.

“We can’t help but just love this new Armadillo target – it’s fun, effective and full of details that make it look like the real animal,” said James McGovern, President of Rinehart Targets. “And of course, it’s completely constructed with our Signature Self-Healing Foam, so it’ll stop the fastest arrows, allow for easy arrow removal and stand strong for countless shooting sessions to come,” he added.

The Armadillo Target is crafted with such incredible realism and painted details, one could mistake it for the real animal. The target is ten inches tall and 21 inches long. Its smaller size means it’s the ideal practice partner for more challenging shots. It also means the target is easily transportable, perfect for on-the-spot shooting anytime, anywhere. Archers can also easily evaluate shooting placement with the target’s incorporated scoring rings.

Molded completely with Rinehart’s Signature Self-Healing Foam, the performance and durability of the new Armadillo Target is unmatched. Its durable UV-resistant foam can take on the fastest shots from both broadheads and field points without ripping or tearing, as well as stay looking and performing great through seasons of blazing sun and blankets of snow outdoors.

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