November 26, 2022

ScentLok Announces Two NEW OZ Gear Storage and Ozone Scent-Control Combo Bags for Hunters

NEW OZChamber 8k BE:1 Edition Combo and OZChamber 5K Combo available now

MUSKEGON, Mich. (July 29, 2021) – From the leaders in Complete Odor Management for hunters, ScentLok Technologies announces the availability of two all-new gear storage and Ozone scent-control combo bag options. Like the rest of the ScentLok line of OZ pre- and post-hunt ozone products for hunters, the new elite-level OZChamber 8K BE:1 Edition Combo and the new right-sized OZChamber 5K Combo are designed to deliver the ScentLok Advantage, helping hunters to get closer and experience more shot opportunities.

NEW OZChamber 8K BE:1 Edition Combo

Welcome to the Elite. Introducing the OZChamber 8K BE:1 Edition Combo… the first-ever gear storage bag to deliver hunters a one-two punch of odor-destroying ozone technology and proven-deadly Carbon Alloy odor adsorption, plus the versatility of true, go-anywhere performance.

Increased capability begins with the generously sized 32” x 16” x 16” bag itself, which is large enough to hold two sets of hunting clothes, base layers, socks, hats, gloves, boots and a variety of hunting accessories. Available in distinctive BE:1 Gray or Mossy Oak Terra Gila, the new OZChamber 8K BE:1 Edition storage bag features durable, water-resistant construction and intelligent and convenient carry options. The bag’s cavernous 8,000 cubic-inch interior is lined with Carbon Alloy, ScentLok’s top odor-adsorbing technology, which combines treated carbon, activated carbon, and zeolite. These highly porous particles adsorb and trap away a wide variety of odor molecules, just as they do in ScentLok’s industry leading scent-control apparel.

Odors within the bag are then destroyed with a powerful flood of ozone from the included OZ Radial Nano portable ozone generator. Forget about needing to plug in; the OZ Radial Nano rechargeable ozone generator runs for up to six hours on a single charge – or up to 12 cycles at a selected 30-minute cycle time. Intelligently designed and easy to use, the OZ Radial Nano emits and distributes just the right amount of ozone to attack and destroy odors throughout the bag with simple, one-button operation. Remove the portable Radial Nano from the bag’s interior mesh pocket for versatile odor destruction at home, inside your vehicle, or anywhere else needed.

The OZChamber 8K BE:1 Combo includes the durable 600D PVC-backed polyester OZChamber 8K BE:1 Edition Bag with reinforced 2” grab straps and adjustable shoulder strap, plus the OZ Radial Nano ozone generator and USB charger.

OZChamber 8K BE:1 Edition Combo Kit

  • The ultimate one-two punch in odor-control storage using the power of activated carbon and ozone
  • The first storage bag ever lined with ScentLok’s powerful Carbon AlloyTM technology
  • Secure the Radial Nano in the interior mesh pocket to distribute ozone throughout the bag
  • Extremely durable 600D PVC backed polyester fabric
  • Reinforced 2” grab straps for hauling heavy loads
  • Removable, adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable, convenient carrying
  • Pack includes: OZChamber 8K BE:1 Edition Bag, OZ Radial Nano portable ozone generator and USB charger
  • Dimensions: 32” W x 16” H X 16” D
  • Available in BE:1 Grey (222) and Mossy Oak Terra Gila (225)
  • Item #4163861
  • MSRP: $299.99

NEW OZChamber 5K Combo

Hunters have a lot of gear. When hunting close to home, however, many pare down to a single set of hunting outerwear, some base layers, socks, gloves, headcover and some basic accessories. Storing and transporting such items doesn’t require a huge bag.

New for 2021, the OZChamber 5K Combo by ScentLok delivers proven ozone gear storage and odor destruction in a new, smaller size that’s ideal for localized hunts. The new 5,000 cubic-inch-capacity bag measures a convenient 26” x 14” x 14” and includes an all-new Radial IQ ozone generator that’s smarter and easier to use than ever.

The right-sized bag easily holds essential hunting apparel and accessories, while remaining easy to handle. It features an extremely durable 600D water-resistant PVC-backed polyester fabric, reinforced 2” grab straps, and a removable adjustable shoulder strap. The included Radial IQ ozone generator is powerful and intelligently designed to emit just the right amount of ozone to fill the bag and destroy odors throughout with a simple press of the easy, one-touch button. The Combo also comes with a 12V DC power supply and a vehicle power adaptor for versatile odor destruction at home or on the go.

OZChamber 5K Combo Kit by ScentLok

  • The all-new Radial IQozone generator was specifically engineered for our Chamber bags to emit the perfect amount of ozone
  • The Radial IQfeatures a one-button design that runs for 30 minutes, the ideal ozone output and run time to actively refresh your gear
  • Extremely durable 600D PVC backed polyester fabric
  • Reinforced 2” grab straps for hauling heavy loads
  • Removable, adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable, convenient carrying
  • Bag includes a dedicated pocket to suspend the Radial IQ, allowing ozone to fill the whole bag
  • Pack includes: OZChamber 5K and the all new Radial IQ, 12V DC power supply, and a vehicle power adapter
  • Dimensions: 26” W x 14” H X 14” D
  • Available in Black/Digital Grey (090)
  • Item #4153661
  • MSRP: $199.99

Go beyond simply storing and transporting your hunting gear… actively freshen it with the power of ozone anywhere you go. Available in June of 2021 at ScentLok dealers worldwide, the right-sized OZ Chamber 5K Combo will retail for $199.99 and is the ideal solution for keeping hunting apparel and gear fresh and ready for the hunt.

The new ScentLok OZChamber 8K BE:1 Edition Combo and OZChamber 5K Combo are available now, online at and at ScentLok dealers worldwide.

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