November 27, 2022


Newest Addition to Woodland Series Delivers Affordable, Fun and
Realistic Practice Sessions

Janesville, WI — Rinehart Targets® makers of the Best Archery Targets in the World, is proud to announce the expansion of its wildly popular 1/3-scale Woodland Series in 2021 with the introduction of its new 1/3-Scale Moose Target. Crafted to be an exact 1/3-size replica of the real animal, the new Woodland Moose is a more affordable and easily transportable option for hunters to get realistic practice in whether they’re preparing to take down this bucket-list trophy, or just dreaming about doing so.

“Our 1/3-Scale Woodland Series takes the life-sized big game animal and shrinks it down to a 1/3-size scale in order to simulate a 60-yard shot at 20 yards,” said James McGovern, President of Rinehart Targets. “It’s a very affordable option for shooters who don’t want invest in a full-size big game target, and we’re excited to expand the popular series to include the new 1/3 Scale Moose.”

The new 1/3 Scale Woodland Moose Target incorporates realistic sculpted features and painted details, so it truly looks like a real moose. The target measures 36-inches tall to the top of the antlers and 31-inches long, an exact 1/3 size replica of the live animal. This smaller size helps hunters perfect their long range shots, as it simulates a 60-yard shot at 20 yards. Plus, with an MSRP of just $224.99, even more shooters can fit the big game animal target into their budgets.

Like all Rinehart Woodland Series targets, the new 1/3 scale moose is constructed with the company’s solid FX Woodland Foam with a replaceable core made from Rinehart’s Signature Series foam. This means the target can take hits from the fastest arrows, and thanks to its self-healing foam core, arrow removal is also a breeze. This unique foam construction also ensures the target is resistant to UV rays and harsh winter weather, making them ideal for year-round practice in the backyard or in the field. Plus, should countless seasons of shooting sessions finally take its toll on the target, replacing the target core is fast and simple with Rinehart’s exclusive patented, locking insert system (sold separately).