December 1, 2022
water sports to try

Are you a water aficionado? Swimming isn’t the only fun thing you can do in the water. Here’s a list of water sports you should try this year.

Do you want to try your hand at water sports like water skiing or water polo? In the United States, water-based sports are the fourth most popular sports activity. Elsewhere, water sports are one of the top outdoor activities in Lake District, Lake Windermere and a must-try for any seaside vacation. People enjoy getting into the water often because it’s fun. It’s also healthy for you to play and/or train for water sports. Water-based exercises can improve chronic diseases. It can improve illnesses like arthritis and mental health issues. If you want to know the various types, keep reading below for our list of water sports.

1. Water Skiing

Do you enjoy skiing during winter or when you visit wintry places? Water skiing is like skiing, except you’re not going down a slope. Instead, you’re skiing on the surface of the water. You have the choice of skiing on one ski or two skis. Instead of ski poles, you’ll be holding onto a bridle that a powerboat pulls. Water skiing is a fun summer alternative for skiing. In competitive water skiing, you have three events. These are the slalom, jump, and trick. As a major water sport, you can find water skiing championships in the Olympics, World Games, and World Championships.

2. Wakeboarding

Not everybody can surf big waves or have the patience to wait for the perfect surfing season. Do you want to try something that isn’t as challenging as surfing? What do you think about getting on a surfboard and having a speedboat pull you forward? This kind of surfing is what people refer to as wakeboarding or cable wakeboarding. Like water skiing, wakeboarding can be an alternative to another winter sport. If you’ve tried snowboarding before, you’ll see where the two sports are similar.

3. Wakesurfing

Wakesurfing is a lot like wakeboarding, except you don’t have anything to hold onto. You follow a wake boat and surf on its wake or on the waves it makes. It’s a fun and safe water sport for kids and adults.

Some even refer to wake surfing as a community sport because it’s easy to chat with people on the wake boat. Note that you can’t use any old motorboat for wake surfing. Check here to learn more about what makes a wake boat apt for wake surfing and wakeboarding.

4. Scuba Diving

Are you the adventurous sort who wants to learn more about marine life and underwater environments? If you are, scuba diving is the sport for you. It’s a great water sport to get qualified in, especially if you love traveling. Your equipment often consists of an air tank, backplate, air hose, mouthpiece, and fins. Before you start scuba diving, you also need to get certifications to do it. Also, on average, a dive can cost you somewhere between $200 and $600. It’s not only educational but also recreational and scientific. Being one of the most popular water sports, scuba diving has a large community of divers.

5. Sailing

How well can you operate a sailboat to push it to reach great speeds? If you are very much into competitive sports like racing, you’ll love sailing. While sailing is also a general term, the water sport is a series of boat races where the wind is your best friend. Watch sailing competitions like the Sailing World Cup or the Olympic Sailing Regatta. You’ll see how much of an exciting sport it is. Basic knowledge of operating a sailboat is key to winning as well as ingenuity in the water.

6. Kite Surfing

Among water sports types, kite surfing is what many consider an extreme sport. It’s a combination of aspects from other water sports. That includes windsurfing, surfing, sailing, paragliding, skateboarding, and snowboarding. You’ll use a large controllable power kite and ride through the surface of the water. It’s a fun water sport that’s great for those who want a challenge. It’s easy to pick up, but the challenge lies in the elements like the wind and the water.

7. Cliff Diving

Everyone has a natural fear of high places. However, with the security of calm waters to catch you, you have a much higher chance of surviving the fall. Plus, you get to have fun in the process, and once the adrenaline starts coursing through your body. Adrenaline junkies are sure to love cliff diving. It’s one of the best water sports that’s least complicated, yet still extreme. Before you jump off any cliffs, make sure the water below is safe and deep enough. If you want to see awesome jumps, Google the World Series Cliff Diving Competition. Better yet, see the actual competition in person. It serves as a great inspiration for those who soon want to jump higher heights.

8. Water Polo

One of the most common types of water sports is water polo. It’s like football, but you’re swimming in the water instead. Since you can’t use your feet, you use your arms and head to pass and shoot the ball in the goal. Among all these fun water sports on this list, this is one you can do right at home. If you have a pool, you only need to set up a goal area and then divide people into two teams. It’s a rigorous and competitive sport that takes strategy and teamwork.

9. Rafting

Finally, to close this list of water sports, we have rafting. Many people see this as a recreational outdoor activity. This one is the activity to choose if you want something to do with your family and friends. Rafting involves a team of 4-12 people on an inflatable raft. Remember, rafting is an extreme and competitive sport. A team that’s going down river rapids needs to work together.

Don’t hesitate to revisit this list of water sports that everyone can try and learn to love. But why stop here when there are many more water sports out there that you can try? Many of the others we didn’t mention are variations of those we listed above. We hope this list helps you find a new favorite water sport. If you’re looking for great guides like this one, feel free to check out our other posts now!