November 27, 2022
Jeep Hard Top

ExtremeTerrain Breaks Down the Options for Jeep Wrangler Owners

PAOLI, Pa. – ExtremeTerrain (XT) newest video helps Jeep owners narrow down their options when shopping for a hardtop. XT host, Meredith Evasew reviews three popular options showing the hardtops installed on a JK model. Each of the styles highlighted in the video are also available for other generations including YJ, TJ and, JL.

Customers in the market for a more traditional, square-back design will want to consider a one-piece hard top. The one-piece is a cost-effective option for Wrangler owners who don’t need or want all the extra features common to other hard tops. Meredith highlights the fully carpeted interior liner of the black, one-piece hard top which provides insulation as well as sound control inside the cab area. Next up, is the two-piece hard top. The front panel can easily be removed for open-air driving. Meredith shows the DV8 Off-Road Ranger Hard Top installed on the JK, drawing attention to the carpeted interior, shock-assisted rear window, tinted windows, and back light. Finally, Wrangler owners who are really looking to stand out will want to consider the fast back/slant back top. What the angled back takes away in terms of cargo space, it makes up for in the way of handling and efficiency. The black, two-piece slant back hard top shown in the video also comes with the carpeted interior, shock-assisted rear windows, and a removable front panel. This option is also available to two-door owners however, the slant will not be as exaggerated as the four-door.

XT’s new hard top review video keeps Wrangler owners rolling with all the right information they need to make the best choice. The video has been added to XT’s hard tops page where customers can check out Wrangler profiles and navigate to product pages for a full selection of hard tops and other quality aftermarket parts and accessories.


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