December 8, 2022


The world’s most advanced hunting app just got even more organized

HuntStand™ the #1 hunting and land management app in North America continues to advance app-based mapping and informational tools, now offering the ability to change the color of map objects.Colors serve a variety of purposes, but arguably, none more important than efficient organization. Think about it. In life colored tabs are used to separate financial notebooks, cooking recipes, file cabinets and the list goes on. Based on what we’re looking at, our eyes see a color and the brain instantly provides intel based on that pigment.

Now the HuntStand app allows users to do the same with maps. Enhanced app technology allows users to select from 20 unique colors and apply any of those colors to a specific map object in a hunt area. This is a significant leap for organization and map object recognition.With the potential to have numerous markers in an app, how is it possible to keep them organized when they’re all the same color? In this scenario it makes it difficult to quickly sift between feeding, bedding, water, past encounters, rubs, camping spots, gates/access and the like. Now users can assign each category a color and spend less time staring at a screen. This technology will also make new map builds a breeze and help users make efficient use of their time. As an example, waterholes can be blue, pinch points orange and bedding areas yellow, all at the user’s personal preference. Organizing maps with colored markers makes them both easier to read and breakdown. This is great for solo users and those that share maps with others. Scouting, planning, and executing just got easier.

Available on both the free version as well as HuntStand Pro. Competitively priced at just $24.99 per year, HuntStand PRO provides the information and features hardcore hunters demand at a price anyone can afford. To learn more about the HuntStand app and the exceptionally powerful tools and layers built into the app visit Join millions of users who are experiencing the power of HuntStand by downloading the easy-to-use app for free of by joining HuntStand PRO via the App Store or Google Play.