December 4, 2022
Start a Fire Without Matches

When you are camping and need to start a fire, you don’t always have all the right materials. Learn how to start a fire without matches with this guide.

You and your friends go camping for the weekend. It starts to get dark so you decide now would be the perfect time to set up a campfire. Only you can’t set one up because everyone in your group forgot to pack matches.

You’re not sure how to start a fire without matches and your friends are beginning to complain about it getting cold. That’s when one person in the group steps up with flint and a bit of steel wool. Using this tool isn’t the only creative way to start a fire.

Keep reading for a complete list of ways you can make a campfire without needing to light a single match.

1. Flint and Steel Wool

To get started with this method you’re going to need three pieces of firewood, flint and steel striker, kindling, a cotton ball, and extra-fine steel wool. Take a bit of your steel wool and put it on a flat surface between two pieces of firewood.

Place your cotton ball on top of the steel wood and pack the kindling around and on top of it. Use your flint and steel striker to create sparks near the sides of the steel wool. Keep this up until you’ve got a good flame going and then drop the last piece of firewood on top to contain the fire.

2. Potassium Permanganate and Sugar

Potassium Permanganate is a handy chemical to have around for more reasons than starting a fire. You can also use it as an antiseptic and disinfectant. For building a fire using this tactic, you’ll need a bit of this chemical along with sugar and a piece of wood.  

Put a 1:1 ratio of potassium permanganate and sugar on a flat surface and place your wood on top. Move the wood back and forth and be patient. Over time the friction plus the chemical compound will get a nice blaze going.

3. Water Bottle

Even if you didn’t bring any of the tools above with you, you at least remembered to pack water bottles. If you grab one of these along with three sheets of paper you’ll be able to start a fire.

Fold one sheet of paper in half and then tear the other sheets. In the end, you should have four in total. Set these papers against a flat, non-flammable surface. A rock will do.

Tear the label off the water bottle and use it as a magnifying glass to make the paper smoke. When there’s a hole the size of a coin in your stack of papers, throw more layers of paper in to make the flames grow larger.

Creative Ways on How to Start a Fire Without Matches

If you forgot to bring a lighter on your camping trip no worries. There are plenty of ways of how to start a fire without matches. Try out some of the methods listed here to shed a little light on your weekend in the woods.

You’ll need more than a fire to survive in the outdoors. Check out our blog daily for helpful tips and tricks.