November 27, 2022

Survival in the wild is a field that gathers so much attention from the media and outdoor lifestyle lovers. There are TV shows, articles with tips and even vacation ideas. Yet, nothing compares to the genuine training that comes with the challenges and traits of an outdoor life simulation. Survival trainings are useful for children who grow into camping enthusiasts. There’s a secret tool you can use if you want to organize a survival training – the outdoor drone.

You can organize a full survival training if you have the necessary skills. However, you can improve your idea just by using an outdoor drone. They come with possibilities to maximize the training’s potential and minimize unnecessary risks. Below you can read a guide on how a simple drone can take your training to an upper quality level.

Why Should I Use a Drone?

Drones reach high altitude and can shoot and capture real-time photos and videos. They travel in altitude and distance to provide you with images of the setting you plan to use and much more. However, if you’re not up-to-date with drones, you can find products by checking out website reviews. According to Today Best Drone, the best way to narrow down your drone wish list is to determine the category of products for your knowledge level – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Once you find the best product for your needs, you’re free to practice and include the drone into your training plan.

Drones can be used in so many ways:

  • Marketing purposes: You can promote your survival training in an innovative way using aerial photography.
  • Sales: You might even obtain sponsorship when you provide drone photos of the setting.
  • Hobby: Drone flying can be fun. The activity can get so much fun that it might develop into a new hobby that allows you to spend time outdoors.
  • Learning: You will learn to operate a device that gains more and more popularity among Americans.
  • The training itself: A tool that provides you with images from the setting you cannot usually discover is helpful for the program you work on.

Before Using the Drone

  • Obtain a drone flying certificate. This is mandatory as it guarantees that you fully know how to operate the device in a risk-free manner.
  • Register your drone within the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to ensure authorities and participants of safe drone piloting.
  • Check out state laws regarding drone usage. Although American laws are usually permissive, some state have drone use restrictions. Check out the survival training locations and potential restrictions.
  • Look for risks regarding drone flying. If there are many trees, you need to practice more before operating your drones. It goes the same with wildlife, rocks and other potential obstacles.
  • Sign agreements with the participants stating that they allow you to monitor them by drone throughout the training.

Ways to Use an Outdoor Drone to Improve a Survival Training

Survival experts who organize trainings never feel like they’ve obtained sufficient information and can move on to the next step. So, before you begin organizing the survival training, look into the below tips and integrate the drone in your ideas.

Explore the Area

The outdoor drone help you explore the area you plan to organize the survival training in. Flying the drone above the setting can help you determine wildlife, risks that might appear due to weather changes and potential for certain activities.

Although you may know a setting, the drone comes with a different view. Seeing the area from above brings fresh information which you can use during the training.

Example: There are drone photographers who accidentally discover some natural disasters when capturing aerial images. Some just plan to see how impressive a mountain looks like and find out that the peaks might be damaged by global heating or some constructions.

Build a Map

It’s easy to purchase a map and develop the survival training plan. However, the map offers limited information about the surroundings. Google Earth doesn’t contain up-to-date images. So, how about building your own map?

You can take panoramic aerial photographs and comprise them into an overview of your training location. You can set the limits and mark them accordingly based on the photos. There are even some measurements you can make if you pay close attention.

Example: The eye doesn’t perceive details any more once a specific altitude limit is crossed. The same goes with aerial photography. You can use the drone pics to promote your program or even provide a spectacular and yet unrevealing view of the setting.

Aerial view of a curvy road

Monitor the Training

You might monitor the entire training from above or only focus on certain times of the competition. Although you cannot use the drone in windy days or during a rain, you can benefit from sunny hours and check out how the participants are holding.

If your survival training has an interactive concept which allows contestants’ relatives to check out on them, you can use the drone for communications. You can even consider live transmissions of the training for marketing purposes.

Example: In case some contestants fail to follow your guidelines, drones help you intervene. There were situations when the flying gadgets were used in rescue missions. Provide participants with help if the training gets out of control.

Getting Creative

The drone helps you see how participants are using their skills to advance during the competition. Such a tool lets you get creative and surprise the contestants. You can develop some unique awards based on who used their skills best for survival.

The outdoor drone also comes with ways to help you develop video footages such as the common and attractive making of. Future contestants might find interest in your training if they see how it goes from a different and innovative angle.

Example: How about using the video postproduction process to benefit your participants? You can comprise some survival lessons based on their activities that they can additionally see and learn from once the training is complete. They will then show the footage to friends and maybe encourage them to get involved in further training editions.

Wrapping Up

Survival trainings make unique experiences that change your outdoor trips for ever. Organizing such a training benefits both you as an expert and participants who know what to avoid next time. You develop other experts who take their knowledge further and share it with other outdoor enthusiasts.

Find the best drone for outdoor use and use it as your reliable tool! You might even like it so much that you later take the drone with you when you go fishing or camping.

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Article Written By; Gavin Hobbs