December 9, 2022

New Line of Stabilizers and Accessories Boost Accuracy in the Field and on the Range

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Wisconsin Rapids, WI – HHA™ Sports, the leader in archery accuracy proudly reintroduces a product line that began in 1984, but today is the most modern and advanced lineup in the business – The Tetra LR and LRZ Stabilizers and accessories. With a complete lineup of stabilizers, weights, side bar brackets, quick disconnects and slings, HHA Sports sets its sights on making 2021 your best year to have a bow in your hands.

“In 1984, we launched a folding stabilizer that marked our entrance into the world of archery,” said Scott Bakken, Director of Sales and Marketing for HHA Sports. “A lot has changed since then, but the one thing that hasn’t is our commitment to producing the best accessories on the market. We truly believe the new Tetra Stabilizers and accessories will greatly improve your archery setup and help you shot-after-shot.”

The new Tetra LR Stabilizer System is a complete lineup of stabilizers, weights, side bar brackets, quick disconnects and slings. The Tetra LR will cover the needs of bowhunters and 3d shooters alike. Available in 6, 8 and 10 inch options, the Tetra LR delivers the same quality and adjustability that the archery world has come to expect from HHA Sports’ products.

HHA Sports has developed Tetra LR Stabilizer packages that tap into the recent trend of using both a front and rear stabilizer. These stabilizer packages reduce vibration and noise while increasing the balance and accuracy of your bow. The TTR-LRP-108 Package includes the Tetra LR 10-inch and Tetra LR 8-inch stabilizers and a single LR-VBAR V-Bar. An LR-DC Quick Disconnect is also included. The TTR-LRP-86 Package includes Tetra LR 8-inch and Tetra LR 6-inch stabilizers and a single LR-VBAR V-Bar. The LR-DC Quick Disconnect is also included for easy carrying.

The Tetra LRZ Stabilizer was developed for hardcore archers who demand the ability to fine tune every aspect of their setups for maximum performance. The Tetra LRZ is the most evolved stabilizer on the market. It features patented technology with internal and external dampening and gives the shooter the ability to micro adjust the overall length of the unit from 6- to 10-inches. This gives you the ability to achieve perfect balance with any bow, resulting in higher scores, greater confidence and more success in the field. Add the optional weights, side bar, quick disconnect and wrist sling and you have a system that will rival anything available on the market today.

HHA Sports has a full line of Tetra LR/LRZ accessories to optimize your bow for the range or the field. The LR-VBAR is a singleside bar mount with an integrated quick disconnect for fast and easy stabilizer install and removal. It has precision, laser-engraved length indicator lines and independent horizontal and vertical axis adjustment. The LR-DC is a quick disconnect so you to rapidly remove and install stabilizers with only 1/8 turn. You can customize the weight system with the LR-WT-31. It comes with three, black, powder-coated steel weights. It easily screws onto any Tetra LR/LRZ Stabilizer to optimize the weight for your setup. Don’t need much weight? The LR-WT-40 is a 4oz. single black, powder coated weight that easily screws onto any Tetra LR/LRZ Stabilizer. Want a longer stabilizer? The LR-EXT is an aluminum extension allowing you to add 3-inches of length to your LR or LRZ setup. There are two different styles of slings available from HHA Sports, too. The LR-SLING is a universal sling that will fit most bow and stabilizer set ups on the market. The LR-VBAR-SLING is designed to fit only the Tetra LR-VBAR. Both slings are made from ¼-inch stiff black polyester halter cord.

As with all HHA Sports products, Each Tetra Stabilizer product carries a 100-percent lifetime warranty and is Made in the U.S.A.

About HHA Sports
For more than 30 years, HHA Sports has been the leader in single pin technology producing superior sights and accessories for archers. With a passion for the outdoors, the company’s development team has created a line of products rich with exclusive features – from its patented R.D.S. technology to its A.R.M.O.R. Pin Technology – that set the brand apart from all others. With an eye firmly fixed on detail, HHA Sports is committed to creating the most highly functional gear. Products are all Made in the USA and backed with a 100 percent lifetime warranty. All this means whether you are scaling some of the world’s toughest terrain on a hunt, or shooting for gold in a championship round; you can always expect the very best, most accurate shooting from HHA Sports. For more information about HHA Sports, visit: