December 9, 2022

New 3MOA Sights are Perfect for Hunting, ARs and Handguns 

Hawke® Optics, the worldwide leader in high-quality, high-value sporting optics, has pulled out all the stops with new Endurance Red Dot Sights and two new Reflex Dot Sights. These new products bring the pin-point accuracy of a 3MOA red dot to your ARs, hunting firearms, and handguns.

Red dot and reflex sights allow for lightning fast target acquisition and preciseness. This makes them popular with hunters and shooters for all types of firearms, including rifles, ARs, shotguns, revolvers, and pistols. Hawke developed the new Endurance Red Dot sights to meet the demands of shooters looking for an accurate red dot for hunting, target shooting, and competition. The Endurance sights have a 3 MOA red dot with eight-stage digital brightness controls, so you can match lighting and shooting conditions. The sights come in a 25mm and 30mm body size and both have 25 layer multi-coated optics for ultimate clarity and are parallax-free from 10 yards. Endurance Red Dots are supplied with 2 Weaver-style bases: a low mount ideal for shotguns and pistols, and a quick-detach high mount for co-witnessing AR iron sights.

Hawke also added two new models of Reflex sights. Like other Hawke red dot sights, these are a perfect fit for your handguns, shotguns, and AR-pattern rifles and pistols. These Reflex sights have been designed with the smaller 3 MOA red dot, with the Micro Reflex Dot being compatible with optics-ready pistols. Like the Endurance Red Dots, they too have 25 layer fully multi-coated optics and 8 levels of brightness control, so you can rest assured that they will perform flawlessly in every condition. Also parallax-free from 10 yards, the one-piece aluminum sights come with a detachable Weaver base. The Micro Reflex is ideal for pistols, while the Wide View is great for AR-pattern rifles and shotguns.

Whatever your shooting need, Hawke has the perfect red dot sight for your firearm. For more information, go to the Hawke Optics website

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