December 9, 2022

New for 2021, the Multi-Sport LRF 400 and LRF 800 Get You On Target 

Hawke® Optics, the world leader in high-quality sporting optics with field-proven performance and the highest value to consumers, once again breaks down barriers with two all-new, laser range finders (LRF) that come loaded with high-end features. The LRF 400 and LRF 800 are made for multiple outdoor activities and round out Hawke’s impressive lineup of LRFs, giving you impeccable accuracy regardless of your budget.

Both the LRF 400 and LRF 800 rangefinders have an LCD display with Distance, Rain, Hunt and Flag modes. These modes give you accurate distance measurements of +/- one yard/meter. Rain mode gives you accurate readings while not reflecting the beam off rain droplets, and the Hunt mode helps determine range through brush and undergrowth. Flag mode is for the golfer, and gives you accurate readings from the tee, or anywhere else along the course. These modes allow you to get true range measurements in real conditions, and in any weather conditions. The reticle display shows range, signal strength and a low battery warning.

Each LRF unit has a fully multi-coated optical system that is water-resistant, nitrogen purged for fog-proofing and weighs just 4.6oz. The optics have 6× magnification with an adjustable diopter. The LRF 400 has a range of 7-437 yards, while the LRF 800 is good from 7-875 yards. Field of view for each model is 341 feet at 1,000 yards. They each have a one-inch objective lens and 0.6-inches of eye relief. The best part is the price. The LRF 400 has an MSRP of just $139 and is perfect for bowhunting and golfing. The LRF 800 comes in at just $149 and is perfect for rifle hunting and hitting those longer courses with a lot of par five holes. These two models give you great options that will fit whatever passion takes you into the great outdoors.

Each LRF model uses a CR2 battery and carries a two-year warranty from Hawke. For more information, go to

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