November 30, 2022
old skull skateboards

Old Skull Skateboards Brand is so famous in many skateboard forums. However, when searching on the Internet, there is not much-related information.

That is why I write this article which includes the historical period of the Old Skull Skateboards brand and its typical products. I am sure that many of you will feel this is useful.

About Old Skull Skateboards

Old Skull Skateboard has 3 owners. With passion, they have operated this company for more than 20 years to produce the greatest skateboards.

Although these friends have a lot of skateboards that fit kids, they don’t aim at any specific kind of customer.

All owners love some activities which can promote creativity, individuality, and the desire to progress.

So, what’s the best part?

These features are their exact goals.

The original purpose is not to become richer in the early stage. Even up until a few years ago, they still work more than 65 hours per week.

The old skull skateboards are famous for their ability to combine the current state of progression and the history of skateboarding.

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Skateboards are the first products of Old Skull. After that, they expand their product lines including hats, hoodies, and shirts, as well as many brands of skate shoes.

Many skateboarders also love using fingerboards.  You can master all of the same tricks and even replace the fingerboard wheels.

History of old skull skateboard

In the late 1940s and early 1950s, the company launched its first skateboards which were used for surfing. But, they want to innovate their boards to use on the pavement as well.

After that, there were many opened skate shops with a similar concept: “sidewalk surfing.”

In the first stage, their designs were pretty simple with wooden boards attached to roller skate wheels at the bottom. The majority of riders experience with their barefoot to emulate the real surfing feel.

By the 1960s, Old Skull Skateboards became the skateboard’s hub in Southern California.

In the 1970s, the Old Skull Skateboards replaced their clay and metal wheels with polyurethane (PU) wheels which created a resurgence in the popularity of the sport.

Thanks to continuous improvement, there was a turning point for the truck industry in the middle of the 1970s. The wider decks helped you control easier.

The good news is that there were several skateboard competitions including first 2 skateparks all over the world at that time. Thus, the manufacturer designed a lot of models to meet the different riding styles from downhill racing (slalom), solely freestyle, to more trick-heavy vert skating.

Here’s an example:

Street skating requires vert-specific boards-slide rails, short noses, and wheels.

In the 1980s, freestyle skateboards came with symmetrical cuts and relatively narrow width. It hasn’t changed since the middle of the 1990s.

The Old Skull skateboards are famous and popular for riders of all ages.

The outstanding features of an Old skull skateboard

In more technical terms, the symmetrical and semi-narrow shape of Old Skull Skateboards creates the name – shortboards because of the 7.5″-to-8″ width.

If you want to perform more technical tricks or experience street riding, this small size will provide you with many benefits.

Wait! It doesn’t stop here:

The vintage boards are wider (8.25”) so it gives you a leg-up to improving stability. Besides, they also have a wider nose, an asymmetrical shape, and a kicktail.

Look at the best part:

It is designed to work well in OG skating pools, ramps, and carving the streets.

As a general rule, deck concave influences the performance of the skateboard directly. It improves the grip on your feet, for example.

In case you choose a model which comes with a “flat-concave” or doesn’t have concave, your feet will have more room. Compared with decks with concave, you can show off or boardwalk easier.

Other reasons to choose Old Skull Skateboards

old skull skateboards

Basically, there are 4 types of skateboard decks as follows:

  • Shortboards are known as trick skateboards.
  • Cruiser boards are very maneuverable so it’s very ideal to cruise around your town.
  • Old-school board suits to use in ramps, pools & cruising.
  • Longboards are popular in transportation and downhill racing.
  • What about Zumiez. Are Zumiez skateboards good?

Depending on your own riding type, there will be a suitable solution.

Here is a fact:

The majority of skateboarders usually don’t come with only one preference. Instead, they want to travel from place to place (cruising and trick riding, for example) and discover some tricks. All of the types below can meet these requirements.

Vintage skateboards have a solid base that shows off and maintains speed after a nice kick.

When it comes to old-school boards, there are 3 types:

  • Vintage old-schoolers are produced in the early stage.
  • Reissues are new models which are innovated from the old decks.
  • New old-schoolers are integrated with the newest features.

There are some differences between them:

  • Although true vintage decks have a similar feel to the old-school board, they are more expensive and less maneuverable.
  • Reissues are the simplest models which have been brought back into the current line-up.
  • New old-school boards weren’t manufactured back in the day originally but they come with the same old-school flair.

Review some of the skateboarding series and their typical models

Old Skull Skateboards have a lot of series, I can’t list all. However, you should know their 2 most outstanding series: Santa Cruz and Blind.

Santa Cruz

The products of Santa Cruz Skateboard are crafted from the classic 100% North American maple.

They feature more speed through the traditional design of style boards or kicktail cruisers.

If you care to look, the good news is that Santa Cruz is famous for character designs all over the world. These include cartoon characters and iconic screaming hand logos.

The combination of these designs with a variety of wheel sizes provides riders with a more individual style of riding.

When it comes to the grip tape of Santa Cruz, it is formulated with long-lasting glue that creates the best stick. Moreover, it has a gritty texture so your feet will stay in place firmly while riding.

The wax keeps the curb and rail slick for grinding without chipping.

Do you use the hardcore riding style?

Thanks to the premium super slick materials of rails, you can perform your style perfectly.

Santa Cruz x TMNT Michelangelo Skateboard Deck

In the ’80s, and ‘90s, Santa Cruz x TMNT Michelangelo Skateboard Deck was inspired by sweet old school set-up already installed rails. Thus, it allows you to rip the bowl, slash the alley as well as cruise the underground stormwater drains.

It has a classic directional shape and its rails are for the old-school vibes. Therefore, it’s free to slide the roughest ledges.

Whether you are a beginner or a skilled rider, it can provide full of skill levels.

I am sure that most children love this design.


This product comes with a sweet graphic design of a lovely pizza and a little turtle.

Santa Cruz Roskopp Face Complete

This is another amazing product of the Santa Cruz line.

Why is it so great?

With the design of a squared kicktail and nose, it creates edges in place of a round shape. The square tails feature more pivot-y and snap at the end of turns while round shapes come with faster-acting turns.

Its SlimeBall rails allow you to slide without wrecking the graphic.

Trucks are the best cushions in the world if they have a suitable set of wheels. And the 60mm 78A Slimeball wheels are wide, so they can maximize stability and traction at high speeds. You don’t have to worry about the slide-out condition.

Moreover, thanks to the gripping around corners, it can withstand cracks and rough surfaces.

Are you looking for a true cruiser board at a mid-range size?

This model is designed for your dynamic lifestyle.


Blind skateboards feature 3 super iconic graphics:

  • Blind Rudy Johnson Jock Skull Deck
  • Blind Mark Gonzales Skull & Banana Deck
  • Blind Jason Lee Dodo Skull Deck

All of them are divided into 2 versions: a hand-screened graphic in the USA and a heat transfer graphic in China.

They have many great features of a high-end product. Thus, Blind skateboard has become the largest skateboard brand all over the world.

Blind Fucked up blind kids reissue deck

Blind Fucked up blind kids reissue deck has been famous and popular during the development of skateboards.


This is shown through its 3 classic decks which have been re-released in 2018.

They have the original egg shapes, screen-printed graphics, and dimensions of models’ in the 1990s.

Here’s the best part:

The best new products come with a huge change from Granny Smith.

Now, let’s jump right in their specs:

Blind fucked up blind kids series rear-end rudy 9” skateboard deck

  • The width is 9 inches.
  • The length is 31.8 inches.
  • The wheelbase is 13.8 inches.
  • The construction is maple.
  • The riding styles are mid-school, park, and street.
  • The color is blue.

Blind fucked up blind kids series horny henry 9” skateboard deck

  • The width is 9 inches.
  • The length is 32 inches.
  • The wheelbase is 14.25 inches.
  • The construction is maple.
  • The riding style is mid-school, park, and street.
  • The color is yellow.

Blind fucked up blind kids series high guy 9” skateboard deck

  • The width is 9 inches.
  • The length is 31.9 inches.
  • The wheelbase is 14.13 inches.
  • The construction is maple
  • The riding style is mid-school, park, and street.
  • The color is red.

Blind Mark Gonzales

The outstanding feature of Blind Mark Gonzales is that it’s wide and stable underfoot.

But, there’s more:

What makes this great model is the banana-shaped anomaly in the skateboard world.

The name – the banana board –  is derived from its shape which looks like a banana.

The majority of banana boards range from 23” – 27” while Blind Mark Gonzales banana skateboards are longer at 32.1”. You get a benefit from this special design. It’s more stable and easier for balancing.

Thanks to the wide shape and mid-length, it has the ability to take from bowls to backroads.

Other great skateboards

Here are other great models of Old Skull Skateboards with the basic noticeable features:

Moose Old School Complete

Moose skateboards are well-known for solid colors as well as minimalist designs so it suits simple riding style.

Although it’s in the mid-range cruiser size, it allows you to play around with a few amazing tricks.

It works well on street riding. However, you can ride in the park perfectly if you switch out its wheels.

Thanks to an ideal design of concave, it’s very good for your feet to grip the board and is easier to control.

Here’s my favorite feature:

The stable and wide board allows you to ride with your dog.

MPI Vintage Nos Skateboard

If you want to ride an authentic throwback skateboard, the MPI Vintage Nos skateboard is a perfect choice.

Want to know the reasons?

It’s in the mini-longboard category but there are some features of an old-school deck. This model comes with a totally flat and no concave shape especially the pointed nose and kicktail provide good maneuverability.

The 61mm 78A classic longboard wheels make you feel so comfortable while riding. Cracks and bumps are not a big problem.

It’s not designed to ride in the park but you can have a wonderful trip in other locations at ease.

Taking everything into account

Have you clearly understood about Old Skull Skateboards brand? Have you found a suitable product for yourself?

In general, Old Skull is a reliable brand. You can set your mind at rest when buying any model from this company. But make sure to pick one which can meet your demands and requirements.