December 1, 2022
Full Face Snorkel vs traditional snorkel

Full Face Snorkel vs traditional snorkel

Full Face Snorkel Mask VS. Traditional: Which one is better?

First of all, to have an amazing experience underwater, you have to have the right snorkel mask. It might be hard getting a snorkel mask that fits you well. Getting the wrong one could turn your experience to a horrible one. Let’s just say the mask is like a door to the underwater space. In the underwater, you can see amazing live corals and enjoy that world that is not often explored. This experience could make you forget about all the problems you have in the outside world. However, there have been many arguments that revolve around selecting the best snorkel equipment. The dispute has been which, is the best equipment between, the full face snorkel mask and the traditional mask. Therefore, we have tried to tackle this dispute in this article by compiling the advantages and disadvantages of both to give a diver a better experience.

Goggles and Snorkel

The traditional mask has goggles, snorkel tube, and fins. The masks cover your eyes and nose. It protects these parts from any leakages and with the best snorkel mask, you can discover a whole new world and have a spectacular experience underwater! So how can you choose the best snorkel mask?

Tips on Choosing the Best Snorkel Mask

1. Ensure that the skirt of the mask is from silicone.

2. Get a mask that has a wide peripheral vision.

3. Preferably, get a no fog lens to have a better view while in the underwater.

In case you select a snorkel tube, ensure that the mouthpiece fits comfortably in your mouth. The mouthpiece should not feel like it is pulling. This is because; you will be breathing through the mouth.

Advantages of Full Snorkel Mask

1. It can be used by beginners and even the pros

2. You do not have to learn to use it, You only need to wear it!

3. It provides wider visibility, which is more clear with a 180-degree angle screen.

4. It has a built-in snorkel tube which is a hi-tech.

5. It has a drain valve that helps to drain water automatically after you resurface.

6. There’s is no fogging up with a full mask, because of the dual airflow ventilation system.

Disadvantages of Traditional Masks

1. One of the major disadvantages of traditional masks is about its gag reflex.

Majority of the people with sensitive gag reflex cannot use its traditional mouthpiece. Therefore, it inhibits them from enjoying the viewing experience as much.

2. Majority of divers using traditional masks choke on the water the moment they resurface.

This is because; the snorkel tube fills with water as the diver is submerging. After resurfacing the diver must blow the water out. This might be a hard task and hard to master.

3. Beginners cannot use it.

4. You have to know how to use this mask.

At the end of the day, it goes without saying that the full mask is better than the traditional snorkel mask. The full mask is more advantageous. It completely gets rid of the mouthpiece in the traditional snorkel mask. This is what gives the diver a better experience. The snorkel tube and goggles are joined together in a great design and this helps to protect your whole face. You do not need to know how to use a full mask, but with the traditional snorkel mask, you have to know how to use it and master the skills otherwise, you will choke and swallow the whole ocean!