December 1, 2022

Knife has always been and will always continue to be an awesome weapon! Even though, it has found use in the kitchen, but it still continues to be the weapon of choice for many. The best and worst news is that there are numerous choices. So, you will definitely find many, but feel completely lost about which one to choose.

On top of that, even the categories have subcategories. If you are looking for a knife that can be used efficiently and specializes as a weapon, then you need a bowie knife! There are numerous stores with a huge collection of Bowie knife. For example, PreparingWithDave has a list of best bowie knife under $100.


The correct bowie knife can be extremely useful! Once you have zeroed in that your purpose is to carry an effective close combat weapon, then you will be faced with the numerous choices of bowie knives. You will definitely be confused! Get rid of the confusion with the following guide that takes into account the characteristics of the knife and provides you with the ability to take the correct decision:

1. Size of the Blade: A common misconception is that the big fat blades are characteristic of bowie knives. The truth is that, there can be the bigger blades and smaller blades. So, you will need to understand, the utility of the blade. Once you have sorted that, you will find it easier to get to the decision. The larger blade is popular among survivalists, as it can be used for chopping wood or clearing weeds, while the shorter or smaller blade is more useful for bush craft skills. It is often used for skinning and cleaning meat as well.

2. Tang: The part that connects the blade to the handle is called the tang. This is a crucial part of the knife! This, in fact, dictates to a certain extent the strength of your knife. The bowie knives, in general, are heavy and a full tang in needed to prevent the knife from breaking off at the hilt. If you plan to use the knife as a decoration, then the tang is not important, but if you are looking to use the knife to its full capacity, then make sure it has a full tang.

3. Material of the Blade: Blade of any knife is quite important. The blade of a bowie knife is usually made of carbon steel. The reason for using this as a blade of choice is the fact that such blades are sharp. Even if, after prolonged use, they do lose the sharpness, this kind of blade is easy to sharpen. Now, other materials are also available like anodized aluminium, but steel blades are the best, if you can get carbon steel, even better!

4. Length of the Blade: The standard length of a Bowie blade is around 9.5 inches. This is the classic design of the Bowie knife. In modern times, however, the shorter blade version is also being, manufactured! Any blade that is shorter than 5 inches should be avoided as the functionality is hampered significantly. Thus, even if you do buy a shorter blade Bowie knife, stick to a length well above 5 inches.


Bowie knife has a long history, serving many people with its multi-functional feature. With time, the design of the Bowie knife has changed, but the functionality has increased with the changes in design! It is the perfect weapon that can help as a hunting weapon or a survival tool. The many reasons that make it a weapon of choice for many includes:

1. The multipurpose nature of the Bowie makes it perfect for hunting, camping and various outdoor adventures.

2. From chopping wood to setting up a campsite, a Bowie knife will come handy in a variety of causes.

3. The Bowie knife is your perfect defence weapon.

A weapon that is both useful in various jobs and also acts as a defensive weapon is worth your resources. Few knives can do all the jobs well. Just make sure that you get it from a reputed dealer! They have a wide collection to choose from and do not worry about quality, because they will get you nothing, but the best!